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Most gamblers don’t know the differences between game developers when they start playing. They pick whatever games seem more exciting and have fun. However, this changes with time, as they come to crave something new.

These gamblers want to know what games have a higher return to player (RTP) or which offer more interesting mechanics. That’s when you need to discover more information about companies. Seven Deuce is a UK-based casino game provider that you may want to know about. It builds unique games, including slots.

Seven Deuce, which is also known as Electric Elephant since its rebrand, has a variety of slots that you can play. You’ll discover details about the top games offered by this developer, its history and casinos that have Seven Deuce games in this article.

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History of the Company

Seven Deuce is a much younger company than most of the top game providers in the space. It was founded in 2014 in the United Kingdom. The company was inspired by the recent developments in mobile gaming, and it focused on providing an excellent experience for players who wanted to play on their phones.

The creators of the project already had years of experience in the industry before founding the company. This gave them an essential insight into knowing what the players expected and the kinds of game that they wanted to play. The core goal was to provide something simple to play, yet engaging.

From the start, Seven Deuce focused on developing games that people could play on social media and casinos at the same time. The company catered to all kinds of gamers. It developed ports of other games for phones too, in partnership with other companies.

Today, the company is continuously increasing the number of offerings and looking for new markets. Recently, it was rebranded to Electric Elephant.

Seven Deuce Casinos

If Seven Deuce and its games grabbed your attention, then it’s a great idea to look for some casinos that may offer its products. The company doesn’t let gamblers play its games directly on the official website, so you may need to play them via a third party.

Fortunately, many companies offer this company’s slots, so you won’t have a hard time finding them. Some of them include Jackpot Village, Vegas Slots Online, Slot Catalog,, 21Casino, Hello Casino, Playgrand Casino, Slot Planet and many others.

Game Variety

Seven Deuce Providers GamesSeven Deuce, also known as Electric Elephant, has a somewhat limited variety of games. Unlike other companies that have been in the market for a long time, like Microgaming, this developer has only been around for a bit more than half of a decade. This has a definite impact on the number of offerings.

You’ll find less than a hundred original games made by this company. The two most common types are poker and slots.

The company has created several ports, though. They are games that are not necessarily intellectual property created by the company, but the company used their technology to port them to other systems.

Best Slots by Seven Deuce

This developer has a fair number of excellent games. This list shows the best in show.

Dragon Strike is a popular video slot that has 5x5 reels and 40 lines. You can expect this dragon-themed slot to have most of the standard features such as wild, scatter and bonus symbols. The return to player (RTP) is 95.11%.

Royal Spins is another great slot with an RTP of 95.10%. In this classic slot with five reels, you can try your luck to get the great prize if you get a line with five 7s on it. It’s perfect for people who crave an old-school experience.

Fruits Go Wild is one of the main successes of the company. It’s as classic as you can get. It’s a fruit slot with a 3x3 reel, but there’s a modern twist on it. If you get a wild symbol, then it will continue there in your next spin, which increases your chances of getting the best prizes. The RTP is relatively high, reaching 96.47%.

You can also play Volsunga. In this fantasy-themed game, you don’t get wild symbols, but there are 3,125 ways to win. You can unlock free spins, multi-reels, and the RTP is 97.16%.

Some of the slots that were ported by the developer include Storm Goddess, Gold Dragon, Red Dragon, Flight of Icarus, Emerald Fairy and others.

Seven Deuce slot machines info.
Slot name Release Slot type Paylines Reels RTP (Return to player %) Theme Free Spins Bonus game
Dragon Strike 2019 Video slots 40 5 95.11% Dragon 👍 👎
Royal Spins 2017 Video slots 5 5 96.18% Fruit 👎 👍
Fruits Go Wild 2018 Video slots 27 5 96.47% Fruit 👍 👎
Volsunga 2019 Video slots 3,125 5 97.46% Fantasy 👍 👎
Flight of Icarus 2017 Video slots 576 5 95.59% Ancient civilizations 👍 👍


Are the Seven Deuce real money and social casino slots the same?

Not necessarily. Some games are only offered at one type of casino. The company creates both high-end experiences for gamblers who love high wagers and more basic ones just for fun.

What technology does Seven Deuce use for its slots?

All games created by the company are made using two game technologies: Unity and HTML5. This allows the products to be compatible with most computers and phones.

What other services Seven Deuce provides for casinos?

As well as creating original games, the company ports old Flash games for casinos. Flash technology is no longer dominant online. So, companies pay the developer to port games and to make them compatible with current technology.