Casino Slots for Real Money

Slots are some of the most popular casino games that you can find online. So, it’s not a surprise that you can find several online casino slots for real money around. If you want to try your luck, this is one of the most exciting types of casino games that you can play.

In this guide, you can find several online casino slot games for real money. Pick your favourite and start spinning.

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Top online casinos to play for real money in 2022

How to choose the best online slots for real money

Before you pick any game, it’s always a great idea to know about its specifications. The volatility, RTP, and special features are essential if you want to understand how online slots for real money work.

Top 5 Slot Games with high possibility to win:

Top 5 Slots With Hight Possibility To Win
Slot Name Software Type Year Paylines Reels RTP% Multiplier Bonus Games Free Spins
Captain Cash Logo Betsoft Video Slot 2012 5 3 95.0% minus icon minus icon minus icon
Admiral Nelson Logo Amatic Video Slot 2014 10 5 96.0% plus icon minus icon plus icon
Alaskan Fishing Slot Microgaming Video Slot 2015 243 5 96.6% plus icon plus icon plus icon
Danger High Voltage Logo Big Time Gaming Video Slot 2020 4096 6 95.0% plus icon minus icon plus icon
Diamond Mine Logo Blueprint Gaming Video Slot 2018 117649 6 96.4% plus icon minus icon plus icon

Low, medium, or high variance?

Online slot machines for real money have different levels of risk. Slot variance, or volatility, relates to your risk when playing a game. Low variance slots are low risk, while highly volatile slots are much riskier in comparison with them.

If you play a game with low volatility, you will win often, but the prizes will be weak. In a game with high volatility, winning is rare, but it can yield a considerable prize. Obviously, there’s the middle ground, too.

Special features and bonuses

Most of the best online slots for real money have at least some kind of special feature. The two most common ones are wild and scatter symbols. Wild symbols automatically replace any other symbol for a winning combination in a pay line.

Scatter symbols, however, don’t need to be in a pay line. If you get some of them, you can unlock a bonus, which can be either a minigame or free spins.

What is slot RTP?

The return to player (RTP) is one of the most important metrics of any slots for real money. Generally, this number revolves around 93 to 97%. The higher it is, the lower the house edge is, meaning that the players win more in this game. Always look for games with an RTP of over 95%.

It’s also important to remember that volatility and RTP don’t interfere with each other. A game with low volatility can have a small or high RTP, as it depends on different factors.

Types of slots for real money

There are many types of slots for real money out there. You can read about the most popular ones here.

Real Money Slots

3D slots

3D slots are possibly some of the most attractive real money slots where graphics are concerned. Unlike most slots, they have well-made 3D animations. It doesn’t affect the gameplay, but it looks pretty good.

Real Money Slots

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Real money slots with progressive jackpots are exciting because they have a special prize that keeps growing while nobody wins. If a slot machine with real money online has jackpots, it’s possible to get rich by playing it. Just hit the highest jackpot, although that is pretty hard.

Real Money Slots

MegaWays Slots

If you like slots with several pay lines, you’ll love MegaWays slots, which were popularized by Big Time Gaming a few years ago. Instead of having a determined number of pay lines, these real money slots allow for hundreds of combinations.

In many cases, they also have more reels (six instead of five). It makes them one of the best slot games for real money that you can find because you will win very often.

Real Money Slots

Win both ways slots

Most slots only allow for combinations starting from the left and ending to the right. They may have endless pay lines, but you cannot get combinations backwards. However, if you play a win-both-ways slot, you can.

These slots revolutionize the game by letting combinations start from right to left, too. This basically doubles your chances of getting a combination.

Real Money Slots

Slots with Buyable Bonus Game

Another unique and somewhat uncommon type of real money slot is the one that lets you buy its bonus games. Generally, you need a special combination to unlock them. In this case, however, you can pay for this privilege.

While you may need to spend money to get them, it may be a profitable move. The bonuses are often pretty good.

Real Money Slots

Classic Slots

Some people are old-school and prefer classic slots when they play online slots for real money online. Generally, this kind of slot has a single pay line and does not have any special symbols.

Overall, it’s simplest slot machines for real money online that you can find in reputable casinos.


How can I get free spins?

There are two ways of getting free spins most of the time. One is by unlocking bonuses directly with a casino. The other is by unlocking them in-game. This is generally achieved by getting several scatter symbols at the same time.

Can I use welcome bonuses in slots for real money?

Yes, but it depends on your operator. Casinos decide how you can use the bonuses and perks that they provide. Read the Terms and Conditions before you play slots for real money to understand if you can use your welcome bonus on certain real money slot machines online.

What is a pay line?

A pay line is generally a line reading from left to right in which you score a win if you get matching symbols. With more pay lines, you have a higher chance of winning. Different games have a different number of pay lines. So, check that before playing them.