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Very few people would jump straight to mentioning Ongame when asked to rank their favourite online casino software companies. This is not to suggest, of course, that the staff over at Ongame isn’t very talented and creative when it comes to developing slot games; only that the company is just much more well-known for its online poker software.

This often means that its slot software production can be seen as secondary. However, there’s still a lot that can be learned about this aspect of the company.

Despite not developing a vast range of slot games in total, the ones that they have produced are exciting and fun to play, as well as being very easy to use.

So, with that in mind, we’ve pulled together everything that you need to know about Ongame slot games, and which casinos you can find its software in.

You can also see which slots we think are the best in this portfolio, although you should bear in mind that this is based on personal preference; you may find a slot that’s provided by Ongame that suits you much better than the ones listed here.

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History of the Company

There’s little information regarding Ongame’s early years in the industry. While other software companies have openly accessible information regarding where it was founded, who its founders are, and what their background was before starting the company, this information is pretty thin on the ground for Ongame.

The only important information that we could ascertain was that the company was bought in 2014 by the extremely well known and prominent software provider NYX.

Ongame Casinos

Ongame casino slot games are available at a range of different online casinos. This list includes some of the more recent and less well-known online casinos, as well as some of the most reputable and distinguished online casinos in the market today.

The list of casinos includes, but is not limited to: Betsson Casino, BitStarz Casino, Paradise Casino, Cleopatra Casino, BaoCasino, Live Casino, Thrills Casino, SlotWolf Casino, True Flip Casino, Gunsbet Casino, Golden Star Casino, ZenBetting Casino, Dreamz Casino, Karl Casino, Everum Casino, BetSafe Casino, Melbet Casino, Cashino Casino, Buran Casino, Bitcoin Casino, Slotum Casino, and many more.

Game Variety

As mentioned previously in this Ongame review, it certainly isn’t the largest in terms of volume of slots when it comes to its slot portfolio.

In total, there are around 20 slots in the Ongame portfolio, at the time of writing this review, and none of them have either particularly engaging animations or high-quality graphics on offer. These attributes are often taken for granted, as so many different slot providers offer them, so it’s noticeable when that is not the case for its offerings.

There is still some game variety here, however, with each game being attached to an exciting and well thought out theme.

As well as this, all of the slots in Ongame’s portfolio have intricate and interesting bonus rounds, that differ from slot to slot. There’s still plenty of game variety to be had here.

Best slots by Ongame

When it came to picking the very best slot that Ongame has to offer, we struggled to look past Ace of Spades. The use of symbols and exciting gameplay makes this one of the most fun slots on the market at the time of writing this review.

There’s only one pay line for Ace of Spades. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of action to be had. You will usually need three of a kind for a winning combination, unless you hit the clover symbol, which pays out even on its own.

That being said, the symbol you want to see on the reels is the spade, which can pay out as much as 2,500 credits, as well as acting as a wild symbol multiplier.


What should I know about Ongame?

This is certainly the million pound question. Even while researching this article, to answer this very question, we encountered a few dead ends. We have some information about where and when it was founded, who it was acquired by, but beyond that there’s not much. Perhaps secrecy is part of its unique selling point? If so, congratulations on remaining out of the limelight!

Is there a lot of game variety with Ongame slots?

Yes, but do bear in mind that, while not dross by any means, some of the slots will strike you as uninspired. Ambience seems to have been overlooked to a significant degree in the slots design or production and it was almost sobering to switch to a slot that is offered by a competitor. The presence of atmosphere and engaging gameplay can be make or break slots after all. There is a lot of variety and bonus types though.

What is the best slot offered by Ongame?

As we mentioned, Ace of Spades is a winner in our book. It soars above some of the more amateurish or plain offerings. The interface is both thrilling and easy to understand. It is a genuinely game changingly good time. If you’re in doubt, why not try it out for yourself?