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Noble Gaming is one of the longest-running casino offerings in the UK. To date, it has created well over 150 online slot games, as well as casino games for land-based operators.

All Noble Gaming software can be played on several different devices, including PC, tablet and mobile.

Other than the good reputation of Noble Gaming, not a lot is known about the company. That’s why we’ve done our research and pulled together all the most critical information about the company. We’re hoping that this article will give you a better understanding of who is behind the creation of your favourite online slots.

This review includes the history of the casino, the best slots on offer, and also what variety of gaming there is to choose from.

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History of the company

Noble Gaming is an English Company and has been around in the casino industry for well over 25 years. It focuses primarily on designing slot games for land-based and online casinos.

Since its inception, it now has two other headquarters. These are based in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Prague, Czech Republic.

In 2006, Noble Gaming partnered up with a company known as Better Games. This allowed them to distribute its games in Columbia, Mexico, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru.

Since then, it has gone from strength to strength, offering a range of great online and offline slots for users around the world.

Noble Gaming Casinos

Interestingly, there aren’t as many Noble Gaming Casinos as you might expect there to be throughout the UK and beyond.

Some of these casinos include: WinOui, Tropezia and Chari Casino.

It was a surprise to find that Noble gaming slots are only available at a handful of casinos, given the exciting gameplay and fun graphics that are on offer.

Game Variety

When it comes to game variety, with such a large portfolio of games, it would be easy for there to be some crossover between slot games. It was pleasing to find that this isn’t the case and that each game comes with its unique variations.

This keeps the action fun and engaging, regardless of which slot it is that you choose to play from Noble Gaming’s catalogue.

With a variety of graphics, soundtracks, and bonus rounds, there are hours of fun to be had on any slots offered by Noble Gaming.

Best slots by Noble Gaming

Some of the best slots offered by Noble Gaming include:

  • Her Majesty’s Knights - 20 different pay lines, with five different reels, this slot has symbols that can take up the entire reel at times. There are also wilds and scatters in play. Scatters can activate continuous spins if the winning combos hit.
  • Burning Joker - Another five-reel slot, but with five pay lines, this fruit-themed game has winning combinations made up with the Scatter symbol. There’s also a picture of a star, which earns winnings wherever it is on the reel.
  • Mystic Forest - With ten pay lines and five reels, to win on this slot Wilds will replace symbols and Scatters activating free spin rounds.
  • Temple of the Sun - Another ten pay line and five-reel slot game, this game also includes a special expanding symbol, as well as a Scatter.
  • Fruit Express - This is another fruit-themed slot. This five-reel slot has five pay lines, but no bonus rounds or special symbols. This one is all about the classic slot action.

It’s important to note that these were chosen on the basis of personal preference. With such a large portfolio of slots on offer, it would be worth doing some of your research as well.


How Long Has Noble Gaming Made Online Casino Games?

Noble Gaming is an English Company that has been around in the casino industry for well over 25 years. It focuses primarily on designing slot games for both land-based and online casinos.

Is Noble Gaming a Well-Known Company?

Not much is known about the company, even after thorough research into Noble Gaming, but the games do stand apart from other offerings certainly. This article has sought to provide you with a little more information on one of your favourite slots providers.