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Formally known as Join Games Malta Ltd, this company is a developer of several popular slot games. Their titles are full of exciting features, characters, and beautiful graphics.

Based out of their headquarters in the city of Valletta, Malta, Join Games wants to work with as many companies as they can. They are currently looking to create partnerships with game developers that are leaders in HTML5 and Flash.

As a new company to the gambling industry, Join Games is aware of how difficult it is to make it in such a competitive field. They put in a lot of effort to build mutually beneficial partnerships with other companies, with whom they hope to grow their business while helping others in the industry at the same time.

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The top 10 best Join Games slots

  1. Apokalypse Knigts (RTP: 96.39%, 5,000 coins)
  2. Naga King (RTP: 96.38%, 150,000 coins)
  3. Speed Rage (RTP: 96.38%, 150,000 coins)
  4. Dojo (RTP: 96.22%, 62,500 coins)
  5. Kleopatra (RTP: 96.14%, 25,000 coins)
  6. Cyber Ninja (RTP: 96.06%, 500,000 coins)
  7. Venice Carnival (RTP: 96.06%, 225,000 coins)
  8. Zombie Escape (RTP: 96%, 2,000 coins)
  9. Sakura (RTP: 95.93%, 50,000 coins)
  10. Horror Circus (RTP: 95.87%, 25,000 coins)

History of the Company

Join Games Malta Ltd is one of the newest companies in the iGaming industry. They were founded in 2014 by two professional business managers. The founders had a goal of creating innovative slot games, and they chose to work together to work towards that goal.

Business to business the market that Join Games works in primarily. As for location, they are looking to operate in prime gaming territories. Areas that they are targeting include Alderney, Curacao, Gibraltar, and the Isle of Man.

Since their inception, Join Games has released 17 slots, and 10 of them are compatible with mobile platforms. This is very important to them because they recognize how valuable mobile gaming is to a new company in this industry.

Going forward, Join Games will be focusing on creating new slots, making new partnerships, and getting their website up and running. Although they do have a website, it is not entirely functional. Apparently they are working hard on this ongoing project.

General info about Join Games
General info about Join Games
📅 Founded 2014
🏠 Headquarters Valletta, Malta
🤵 Key People (CEO) N/A
🎰 Types of games Video Slots
🎲 Average number of games 20+
🧑 Number of employees N/A
📌 Website N/A

Join Games Casinos

When a company joins an industry like this, the hardest thing to do is gain recognition and respect. One of the best ways to get your name out there is to develop partnerships with casinos and other companies in the space.

Since entering this industry in 2014, Join Games has announced partnerships with casinos such as TotoWinBet, Ezugi, and iSoftBet. Their most recent business relationship is with Viral Interactive, a company that is ascending through the industry rapidly.

Game Variety

When a business enters the gambling and games industry, they must have a variety of games available to consumers. As you would expect, not everyone has the same interests when it comes to games, and having a wide variety of games for the players to play is very important.

By having a more extensive array of slots available to consumers, a company has a higher chance of retaining customers. If they don’t have enough slots, they will lose players at a more rapid pace.

Despite Join Games only being in the industry for a few years, they already have 17 slots available for consumers to play. Hopefully, there will be considerable retention of players.

Best Slots by Join Games

One of the most popular slots is Kleopatra. It is a 5-reel slot with 10 lines, a bonus game, expanding wilds and scatter multipliers. The game takes place in a beautiful Egyptian setting, on a board that is mostly made of gold.

When you start spinning the slots, you will notice that the animations have a distinctive look that is unlike that of other slots. They have a very subtle shadow effect, which adds a level of realism that doesn’t exist in other slots. You will especially enjoy the look of the cards as the developers used a horror style to give the game extra interest.

The Legend of Emerald is another slot that is loved by many players. It has beautiful graphics and an incredible soundtrack that will have you feeling like you are out on the water with the pirates. In the background, you will see the impressive sea captain that will give you instructions on how to play.

Join Games slot machines info.
Slot name Release Slot type Paylines Reels RTP (Return to player %) Theme Free Spins Bonus game
Kleopatra 2016 Video slots 10 5 96.14% Ancient civilizations 👎 👍
Apocalypse Knights 2016 Video slots 20 5 95.5% Gothic 👍 👎
Aztec Temple 2016 Video slots 15 5 95.66% Ancient civilizations 👍 👍
Caesar's Glory 2016 Video slots 15 5 95.56% Ancient civilizations 👍 👎
Cyber Ninja 2012 Video slots 20 5 96.06% Space 👍 👎


What are Join Games’ plans for the future?

If you have visited their website, you will notice that they have sections for table games and poker. However, there are currently no games on display in this section. They would like to focus on developing slots in this area so that they have a more diverse roster of titles.

Is it safe to use my money on these slots and games?

Yes it is, but as with any company that handles money online, you should be careful. Do your research and make sure that they are using valid money transfers. However, Join Games is entirely legit, so you shouldn’t have any problems playing their slots.

What should I know as a new online casino player?

All casinos, it doesn’t matter if they are online, have an edge. They are not scamming you, but it is unlikely that you will win money over the long term, especially with games of luck. The best way to win money at a casino is by playing games like poker that require a skill. If you are playing the slots, you are unlikely to win any money unless you get very lucky.