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The gambling industry is one that has been around for hundreds of years. However, in recent years there has been a push to take a large portion of the industry and move it online. Igaming2go is one of the companies that is helping to move many casinos online.

Igaming2go is one of the fastest-growing white label suites for casino games for smartphones. The program was built in HTML5, and it operates all around the world without limitations. It also provides you with real money for your gaming wins.

Casinos that choose to integrate Igaming2go will find that it is incredibly easy to install. Having this program installed allows for a casino’s online presence to extend to mobile devices. This way, players can enjoy gambling while they are away from home. It does not matter if they are on the train or bus; they can get a game started at any time.

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Free Slot Machines by Igaming2go

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Online Casinos with Slots from Igaming2go

The top 5 best Igaming2go slots for 2023

  1. Frog Princess (RTP: 95.76%, max.win: 40,000 coins)
  2. Seven´s (RTP: 95.23%, max.win: 50,000 coins)
  3. Hot Fruits (RTP: 94.4%, max.win: 50,000 coins)
  4. Money Bee (RTP: 94.2%, max.win: 50,000 coins)
  5. Anubix (RTP: 94.03%, max.win: 50,000 coins)

History of the Company

Since the online gambling industry is so new, it makes sense that Igaming2go is also new in the space. Founded in August 2007, they have risen in popularity worldwide since its inception. The company is especially popular because there is no need to download or install an app to use the technology.

After being founded in Slovakia, the company continued operations in that country, with its headquarters in Bratislava. The executive director of the company is Egon Friebus.

General info about Igaming2go
General info about Igaming2go
📅 Founded 2007
🏠 Headquarters Bratislava, Slovakia
🤵 Key People (CEO) Egon Friebus
🎰 Types of games video slots
🎲 Average number of games 10+
🧑 Number of employees n/a
📌 Website n/a

Igaming2go Casinos

When Igaming2go was founded, they had a goal of making it easier to integrate online casinos. However, they do not want to help any companies that cannot pass a compatibility check of compliance. If these standards are met, they will consider working with the casino.

Even with the measures in place, they are working with several casinos. As of today, they are working with more than two dozen casinos such as Ace Lucky, Gold Spins, and LeoVegas.

Furthermore, Igaming2go only works with companies that can provide them with an optimized version of their mobile website. Without an optimized mobile site, there is no point in using their software. So, they restrict their services to casinos that meet their standards.

Game Variety

Igaming2go does not have any restrictions on the games a casino must-have. If a company primarily deals with card games, it will work with that company. They will do the same with a company that prefers to work in the world of slots.

The same can be said for casinos that put an emphasis on roulette, lotto, and bingo. It doesn’t matter what the game is, Igaming2go is willing to work with that casino. The only thing that matters to them is that the casino meets the standards and passes the tests that they have put in place.

So, you do not need to worry about game variety with this company. They work with casinos that have all kinds of games. So, no matter what, you can find a casino that uses this software that has the games you want.

Best Slots by Igaming2go

One of the most significant parts of the gambling industry is the slots. Slots make up a substantial amount of the profits for casinos all around the world. As a result, it makes sense that casinos put a significant amount of their resources into the slots.

Igaming2go is no different from other companies involved in the gambling industry. They put a lot of value on slots, and they recognize how much money they bring in. As a result, they put in a lot of effort to make sure their slots are optimized.

Igaming2go makes slots that have high-quality graphics and three-dimensional elements. Many of their games give free spins to players, and the payouts have multipliers. However, they make bonus rounds very rare.

Money Bee is one of the most popular slots by Igaming2go. It is a video slot with five reels and five fixed pay lines. It is a risk game that has a theoretical return to player of 94.2%.

Another popular slot game is Anubix. This game also features five reels and five pay lines, but your winnings are doubled if the bonus symbol lands on the third reel. This kind of upside is what gets players to come back and play again.

Big Tasty is a risk game that has five reels and nine pay lines. Instead of spinning the reel, the game uses falling symbols. When a symbol is used in a winning combination, it is removed and replaced with new symbols that multiply.

Finally, they have Magic Poker, which is a version of poker that has a risk game. Magic Poker is very similar to classic poker, but a Magic Card option is available to you. If you select it, you can double your reward any time you win a hand.

Igaming2go slot machines info.
Slot name Release Slot type Paylines Reels RTP (Return to player %) Theme Free Spins Bonus game
Money Bee 2012 Video slots 5 5 94.2% Nature 👍 👎
Seven´s 2015 Video slots 5 3 95.23% Fruit 👎 👎
Frog Princess 2015 Video slots 21 5 95.76% Fairytale 👎 👎
Bloody Love 2011 Video slots 10 5 93.77% Vampires 👎 👎
Big Tasty 2014 Video slots 9 5 92.6% Food 👎 👎


Why should you gamble at an Igaming2go casino?

With the software developed by this company, you can play no matter where you are. You don’t need to go to a casino or be at your home computer. You could be on your commute to work, and you gamble your heart away.

Is it safe to gamble online?

Yes, all casinos licensed with Igaming2go are reputable online casinos with gambling licences. The company vets all casinos before they make a partnership.

How do I win money?

Winning money when gambling is a difficult task because there is always a house edge. As a result, many games revolve around luck, and as a result, it is unlikely to walk away with a profit. The best games to win money on are games like poker and blackjack, where there is skill involved.