Free High Volatility Slots

high volatilityHigh volatility slots are without a doubt the most popular slots amongst avid gamblers. Such slots offer players exciting bonus rounds and jackpots.

Unlike low and medium volatility slots, the best high variance slot machines don’t have small, regular payouts. This means you might fork out quite a bit more before hitting a big win. But, the higher risks lead to bigger wins. This piece explores all you need to know about the best high variance slots that you can play for free at online casinos.

High Volatility Slot List

Online casinos in UK with HIGH Volatility Slots

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  • Loads of payment options
  • Loyalty bonuses for players
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  • Live chat available only after registration
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  • Enticing Sign-up Bonus
  • Great selection of games
  • Trusted software
  • VIP Programme


  • Cryptocurrency not accepted
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  • Huge library of games and software providers
  • Mobile-friendly site
  • Android app available


  • Not many payment options
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  • Live Chat option
  • A large variety of games
  • Top tier software providers
  • Live Casino


  • Limited live chat hours available
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  • Excellent software providers
  • 3000+ game library
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  • Live chat only available upon registration

What Are Slots With High Volatility?

The best high variance slots are associated with big wins. They give players more bonus rounds and features. Gamblers stand to risk more when playing these slots. Bankrolls and bets cost more. But, when the best high variance slots pay, they pay well.

The best high variance slots are traditionally preferred by so-called high rollers. If you’re just looking for a few hours’ entertainment, these slots are not for you. You should check out low and medium variance slots if you don't want to spend a lot. But, if you want adrenaline, anticipation, and thrills, high variance slots are right up your alley.

Along with a rotund bankroll and some betting savvy around wagering variances, you’ll also need the virtue of patience. It may take many spins before you hit bonus rounds and those fabled big wins on the best high variance slots.

How It Works

Volatility is used to determine the risk associated with a specific slot machine. This risk entails the money you stand to lose, and the frequency of payouts and bonus rounds. The best high variance slots mean you stand to lose more but also win more. Thus, the more you risk, the more you stand to win.

Such games require bigger budgets. You may have to play for some time before you hit a win or bonus round.

High Volatility Slots Strategy

High volatility means taking bigger risks. This will affect your budget and wagering amounts per spin. You’ll need some grit, perseverance, and patience if you want to hit a win. The good news is that these wins are BIG!

So how do you approach the best high variance slots? To start with, you’ll need two things. An adequate budget and time on your hands. In your hunt for that big win, you’ll also need to pack some patience. Remember, it may take quite some time before the bonus round rolls around.

It’s always wise to get to know your game before you start playing. Read the game rules and look at the payout schedules — what symbols are the biggies, what you need to get for bonus rounds, and how big the slot machine’s jackpot is.

If you’re a thrill-seeker and want the whole slot experience, the best high variance slots are for you.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Any form of gambling relies on an element of luck. There are, however, some clear pros and cons specific to the various forms of gambling. Slot machines are no different.

The RTP rates on high volatility slot machines can be lower than the common variance of 92% to 97%. Essentially, this means you’ll have to gamble quite a bit more to stand a chance to hit a big win. Significant and high payouts are one of the perks of the best high variance slots.

Where to Find Free High Volatility Slot Machines

Most online casinos in the UK give players a choice between being a player-for-free or a real-money player. So, you won’t have too much trouble finding the best high variance slots to play for free.

High volatility slot machines usually boast bigger jackpots and great wins during bonus rounds. Have a look at the game rules. These will give you a pretty good idea of what type of slot machine it is.


? What is a high volatility slot?

It’s a slot machine where your risk is bigger. Thus, you stand to lose more money, but you also stand to win more.

? How much should I bet when I play a high volatility slot?

It’s advisable to start your adventure by betting low. On average, slot machines go through 125 spins before a bonus round comes up. If you alter your betting amounts according to the number of spins completed, you may just hit a bonus round on a big bet.

? Is it better to play high volatility slots?

If you just want to kill a few hours and not spend a fortune — no. But, if you’re looking for all the thrills and spills of slots, and don’t mind spending quids itching your back pocket, then yes. You’ll get your kicks out of high volatility slots.