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Best Online Casinos Accepting Sofort


How to play in a Casino for Real Money Using Sofort

  1. Register for a Sofort account

    Fill in the registration form, then click on ‘Register for free’. A confirmation email will be sent to the address specified in the registration form. Afterwards, click on the link in the received email to create a password.

  2. Choose a casino and make a deposit

    Log on to your favourite casino and click on your balance. When you’re at the cashier menu, select Sofort from the list of deposit options available. Follow the prompts and enter your information; it’s as easy as that!

  3. Play and win

    Play your preferred games and win as much as you can.

  4. Withdraw your winnings

    Sofort is unable to be used for withdrawals, so you’ll need to have another method of withdrawing from the casino available.

General information about Sofort

General information about Sofort

Sofort is an online payment system that you can use to make deposits into your online casino account. Transactions are completed instantly, with minimal personal information sent to the merchant. It’s the ideal method for customers who wish to keep their bank information away from online casinos. 

A big difference from Sofort, compared to other payment systems, is that if there’s a dispute, Sofort will help you to get your money back. A lot of different technical systems have a very hands-off approach and insist that you deal with the merchant alone. Sometimes that’s easier said than done, especially if you have the misfortune of coming across a less honest online casino.

Sofort 4+ UK Casinos Accepting Sofort video preview Easy, comfortable and secure – without registration. Automatic data transfer and the real-time transaction notification enable a smooth payment process and a faster delivery.

General information about Sofort
🔎 Type Private
🏭 Industry Financial services
📅 Founded 2005
🏠 Headquarters Fußbergstraße, Gauting, Germany
🗺️ Area served 13 countries
🤵 Key people (CEO) Dr. Gerrit Seidel
💳 Products On-line Payment
💰 Revenue $4.2 million
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Number of employees ~187
📌 Website
Fees and Commissions

Fees and Commissions

There are no fees when using Sofort to deposit to your online casino account. Since there are no registration or account statements, you don’t need to pay any monthly maintenance fees. Sofort works the same as other companies in the sense that it charges the merchant per transaction, not the customer. The lack of costs is a significant advantage compared to using an e-wallet that may have many fees. 

Deposit and Withdrawal Times

Deposit and Withdrawal Times

One of the most significant selling points in using Sofort to deposit to your online account is that there aren’t any waiting periods for deposit. The transaction occurs the moment you confirm that you want it done, so you can deposit and play instantly.

Unfortunately, there’s no option for withdrawing funds from online casinos through Sofort. 

Support Work Quality

Support Work Quality

As with any business that deals directly with customers, Sofort has customer support available to answer technical questions. Customer Support is open seven days a week, in both English and German. You can contact them by phone or email.

Mobile Version and Application

Mobile Version and Application

No app is currently available for Sofort. This is because it’s not like a bank where you can check your balance and history. Sofort is just the technical side of the transaction process, moving the money from one account to another. 

However, Sofort is available to use on your mobile. This convenience is handy because then you can use the same device for sending the deposit and for playing online casino games.


  • Advantages

  • The most significant advantage of using Sofort to deposit into your online casino account is that it’s free. Sofort charges the merchant in each transaction, so you won't ever have to worry about extra fees.
  • It’s very secure. By using a transaction authentication number, the second layer of protection ensures that the online casino never receives your banking information. A significant advantage of using Sofort to deposit to your online casino is that it works instantly. It doesn’t keep your money in any other accounts; its sole purpose is to take it from you and to deposit it to the online casino. 
  • To add to the advantages, Sofort has a minimum deposit value of £10. The casino where you are sending the funds sets the maximum limit. It’s generally anywhere from £1,500 and £3,000.
  • Limitations

  • A significant disadvantage is that you can’t make withdrawals using Sofort, as mentioned previously. The system just isn’t set up for it. You must find a different method of payment if you want to withdraw your balance to your bank account.


The lack of ability to withdraw using Sofort puts it at a disadvantage when compared to competitors. But the security measures and immediate deposit time make up for the lack of withdrawal options. Since you don’t have to register to use the service, it isn’t an issue if your preferred casino doesn’t accept it.

Other payments


  • Paysafecard

    This is a highly secure payment system as you do not ever need to enter details online. However, you can create an account if you are purchasing online.

  • iDebit

    This payment method is being an e-wallet, however, it is simply an intermediary between the online casino and your bank account.

  • Debit Card

    A debit card is a plastic card that is linked to your checking account. It gives you access to the account to buy things.

  • Citadel

    Citadel launched the Instant Payments system in 2000.

  • Zimpler

    Zimpler is a pay-by-phone payment system that makes it easy to take full control over funds.

  • MasterCard

    Mastercard can be used by players to make deposits online and comes in three options – a debit, credit or prepaid card.


Does my bank support Sofort?

The list of banks that support the use of Sofort is continuously changing, so it’s best to check your bank to confirm.

Why should I use Sofort?

Sofort provides an encrypted deposit system. If you’re hesitant about having your bank details on file with an online casino, Sofort is a safe alternative.

Can I withdraw with Sofort?

Unfortunately, you can’t withdraw from Sofort. It’s just the way its system is set up.

Do I need to register to use Sofort?

No registration is necessary to use Sofort to deposit into your online casino account. Just select Sofort on the deposit page of your preferred online casino.