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Best Online Casinos Accepting Bitcoin in 2023


How to Play at BTC Casinos

  1. Choose the best casino

    Check out our list of the best bitcoin online casinos in the UK to find one that’s right for you. It’s always a good idea to do your research before you sign up for any online gambling platform. You want to be sure that the operator is reputable, safe, and fair.

  2. Register an account

    The first thing you need to do when you find the right bitcoin casino for you is to set up a wallet and an account. You can set up your crypto wallet within the system of the provider if you’re planning to deposit small amounts.

  3. Make the first deposit

    Once you’re all set up, the first deposit you make will be instant. If you’re depositing a large amount, it may take a bit longer to work its way through the blockchain.

  4. Play and Win!

    When you’ve got your account set up with a BTC in your wallet, start playing your favourite titles. Bitcoin casinos have table games, slots, and even sports betting platforms where you can win big.

Best Bonuses for Bitcoin Users

best bitcoin casinos

It's challenging to go through Bitcoin casino reviews; feel free to use this article as a guide. Know that legitimate casinos have generous welcome bonuses, typically doubling your first deposit. Some casinos give a bonus every time you deposit. You could get 150% up to 1 BTC at the best Bitcoin casinos with 180 free spins, 100% up to 1 BTC, or much more.

What Are Bitcoin Casinos?

What Are Bitcoin Casinos?

When people mention Bitcoin casinos, they mean one that accepts Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method. As cryptocurrencies become more popular many casinos are now accepting BTC. Bitcoin casinos offer an extensive list of casino games.

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General information about Bitcoin
🔎 Type Public
🏭 Industry Digital currency
📅 Initial release 9 January 2009
💲 Supply limit 21,000,000
🗺️ Area served Worldwide
🤵 Original author(s) Satoshi Nakamoto
⚙️ Development status Active
💰 Market cap US$1.149 trillion
📌 Website

Why are Crypto Casinos so Popular?

Using cryptocurrencies at casinos is popular because they're a fast and secure way to send money. Using BTC prevents hackers from hijacking your data or funds.

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    A common complaint about casinos is how long depositing and withdrawing funds can take. When using BTC, it takes about 10 minutes for your deposit to go through. Sometimes it can be immediate. For a withdrawal, you'll receive your funds in minutes instead of days.
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    Using BTC is pseudo-anonymous. Every transaction is stored publicly and permanently so anyone can see the activity associated with a Bitcoin address. But, your identity can still be kept private by changing your Bitcoin address every time it's used; you don't have to make a new account for this.
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    BTC continues to be a reliable form of payment. As long as you keep it in a private wallet, it'll be 100% safe. Using crypto does require a little more knowledge than just owning a bank account, but it's safer. After you've deposited at a Bitcoin casino, your funds should be secure.
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    Exclusive bonuses

    Many Bitcoin casinos will offer players exclusive bonus code deals. Casinos will provide these codes to get more people to play at their casino. You can type in these codes when you make a deposit. Some of these codes will give you a bigger deposit bonus reward or increase your bonus percentage.
Are BTC Casinos Legal?

Are BTC Casinos Legal?

The UKGC authorities state that Bitcoin casinos UK are legal as long as they comply with gambling laws. The casino will also need a license to provide gambling services. If the casino you're playing at complies with the laws, it is legal to gamble with BTC. You can check your local laws to learn about any restrictions in your area.

How to Make a Deposit Using Bitcoin?

How to Make a Deposit Using Bitcoin?

You first need to have a verified account with an encrypted Bitcoin wallet. Then you will have to add funds to the wallet. You'll need to copy and paste your Bitcoin address and fill in the number of BTCs you want to transfer. This can be instantaneous for small amounts of money. If you deposit a larger amount, it takes a little longer because it's processed through the blockchain a few times.

Most Common Coin Types

Bitcoin is the most common cryptocurrency. But, there are many alternatives called altcoins that are getting more common. Here are some of the popular altcoins you can use to gamble.

  • Bitcoin cash logo

    BTC and Bitcoin Cash

    Bitcoin Cash is an offshoot of Bitcoin. Because of this, Bitcoin Cash is an accepted cryptocurrency on its own; it doesn't have to be converted. Any Bitcoin casino will accept this currency and you can play any of the games they have to offer.

  • Ethereum casino logo


    Ethereum works like BTC as they use blockchain to trade value. This cryptocurrency uses smart contracts to ensure all your transactions are safe and secure. It has a decentralized platform and is great for gambling. This is because there’s no possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud, or third-party interference.
  • Litecoin logo


    Litecoin is a widely accepted cryptocurrency. It's designed to be faster and cheaper than BTC when completing transactions; it seems to accomplish this goal. This makes Litecoin an excellent option to use at online casinos. If you like Bitcoin, this can be a fantastic addition to your crypto wallet.
  • Doge coin logo


    Dogecoin is a new cryptocurrency. But many online gambling sites have already added it to their lists of accepted cryptocurrencies. Some casinos only accept Dogecoin and are very successful. Most Bitcoin casinos will also accept this cryptocurrency as a payment method.
  • Monero coin logo


    Many people like Monero because of its increased anonymity. With this crypto, you can't trace transaction histories. This can be beneficial, so others can't see what you're buying. Monero is a great crypto option for privacy and confidentiality.
  • Dash coin logo


    Dash is a Top 25 crypto and is incredibly stable. This currency provides complete anonymity and has fast transaction times. Many online gamblers like to use Dash for that reason. More and more online casinos are starting to accept Dash.

Pros and Cons of Playing in BTC Casinos

Some players still worry whether using BTC is a good option. Keep reading to find the pros and cons of gambling with BTC.

  • Pros

  • Your personal information is kept private
  • Deposits and withdrawal are instant
  • You don't have to pay any fees
  • Cons

  • Finding a legitimate Bitcoin casino can be challenging
  • Bitcoin's value can change dramatically
  • Some casinos process withdrawals manually, making it take longer

How to deposit and withdraw money in a casino using bitcoin

First, make sure that you choose a casino that accepts bitcoins as a payment method. Then, register your online casino account.

Step 1: Login or register your account at a chosen casino that works with BTC.

Bitcoin onlineguide

Step 2: Go to "Cashier" and open the deposit section.

Bitcoin onlineguide

Step 3: Select bitcoin from the list of cryptocurrencies as a deposit option.

Bitcoin onlineguide

Step 4: Copy the address to which you need to deposit the required amount of funds.

Bitcoin onlineguide

Withdrawing funds from the casino

Step 1: First, you need to access your casino account.

Bitcoin onlineguide

Step 2: Click on the "Withdraw" button in the next window.

Bitcoin onlineguide

Step 3: Choose a Bitcoin payment system.

Bitcoin onlineguide

Steps 4-6: Next, you need to enter the desired amount and bitcoin wallet number and click on the button below.

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Casinos that accept Bitcoin are becoming more popular. Using cryptocurrencies to gamble gives you a safe, fast, and anonymous playing experience. Make sure to research the casino first to make sure it is operating legally. Once you've found a legitimate casino, you can get lofty bonuses and a long list of games to play.

More Bitcoin Casinos to Choose

More Bitcoin Casinos to Choose

While choosing a Bitcoin casino is a personal choice, there are a few things to keep in mind when you're looking for a good site. Look to see if it has games that are from trusted game developers. Legitimate casinos will offer generous promotions for both first-time deposits to ongoing promotions for existing players. Lastly, make sure they have customer support. You can also check out our list of recommended casinos for more options to choose from.

Other Payments


  • MasterCard

    Mastercard can be used by players to make deposits online and comes in three options – a debit, credit or prepaid card.

  • Jeton

    Jeton is a secure e-wallet payment method that you can use to make safe money transfers, currency exchanges, and purchases online.

  • American Express

    Players like using this payment method as it is fast, easy to use, and they can download the great mobile app to go along with it.

  • Citadel

    Citadel launched the Instant Payments system in 2000.

  • Paysafecard

    This is a highly secure payment system as you do not ever need to enter details online. However, you can create an account if you are purchasing online.

  • ecoPayz

    ecoPayz is a secure online payment service, allowing you to send, spend and receive money worldwide.


How do I trust a BTC casino?

We always ensure that operators are fair, safe, and reputable before we recommend them to players. By reading reviews and hearing from other players, you can ensure that the casino you're signing up for isn't a scam.

Is there a limit on how much crypto I can bet?

Yes. Betting limits vary from casino to casino. You can check specific restrictions for the different games that you choose to play.

How fair is a crypto casino?

As with other online gambling sites, BTC gambling operators use RNGs to ensure that your gameplay is fair and random. All the transactions are public in the crypto world, and everything is code-based. So, there is no chance of human interference. Thus, BTC provides “provably fair” games on all platforms.