Online Scratch Cards

If the idea of playing online scratch cards is appealing to you, take comfort in knowing that you can win real money from various types of scratch card games without ever leaving your house!

The online version is the same as actual, physical scratchcards. You purchase instant scratch cards online, then use your finger or your mouse to scratch them, revealing combinations of prizes and symbols.

Below is an in-depth look at scratch cards online. We look at the rules of the game, various types of scratch cards, where to go to play scratch cards, some of the top developers, the odds of winning, and how to save money. Here you can also learn about the house edge, how to bet with real money, strategies for playing, and more.

This article offers information on the following scratch card-related topics:

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Best Casinos with Scratch card games

Online Scratch Cards: Main Rules Explained

Online scratchcards main rules

Many variations of scratch cards are available at many different online casinos. Some of them claim to be the best scratch cards, and you can even find instant scratch cards. No matter the type, theme, or place where you purchased them, the basic rules are the same. Simply buy a card and scratch off its surface to reveal if you’ve won anything.

The rules and ways to play scratch cards are very simple:

  • Create an account at an online casino that provides lots of scratch cards
  • Go to the casino lobby through your gaming account
  • Find a scratch card to play
  • Load a scratch card onto your screen, then use the plus and minus signs to increase or decrease your bet size
  • Once you’ve placed your bet, use your mouse or finger to scratch the card’s surface, revealing certain symbols
  • You also have the option to let your computer or device scratch your card for you

The prizes you win are determined by the combinations of symbols that are revealed in the scratch.

Top Online Scratch Card Developers

The internet is full of casinos that offer many scratch card options, but some are more popular than others. Some software developers specialize in online scratch cards that are wildly competitive against one another.

They work hard to implement the latest technology and provide players with exciting graphics, sounds, bonus features, and animations. Below is a list of some of the most popular scratch card developers and some of their key features.

  • Online scratch cards developer - Cryptologic


    Cryptologic has been in the scratch card game since at least 2012 when the renowned Amaya Gaming Group acquired it. It’s well known for its vibrant online slots that combine scratch cards to slot play.
    Info about cryptologic scratch cards
    Name Theme Max. Win RTP% Layout


    Hindi style up to £10,000 97% 3x3
    World champions Football up to £10,000 97% 3x3
    7th Heaven Gems up to £10,000 97% 3x3
  • Online scratch cards developer - CXTM


    CTXM is famous for its extensive portfolio of online casino games. Some of their games include card and table games, slots, minigames, video poker, and online scratch games (notably, Bingo Scratch). It also offers free online scratch cards.
    Info about CTXM scratchcards
    Name Theme Max. Win RTP% Layout

    Monsters Scratch

    Cartoon monsters up to 300x your bet 98% 3x3
    Bingo Scratch Football up to 300x your bet 96% 5x5
    Formula Scratch F1 up to 300x your bet 97.5% 3x3
  • Online scratch cards developer - Microgaming


    Micrograming has been providing software for online casino games for a long time. It has a wide array of highly-rated scratch games, including Rainbow Magic, Wild on Safari, Shore Things, and Snakes and Ladders.
    Info about CTXM scratchcards
    Name Theme Max. Win RTP% Layout

    Immortal Romance Scratch

    Bloodsuckers 500x 96% 3x3
    Happy Holidays Christmas 10,000x 95% 3x3
    Avalon Scratch Royal 1,000x 96.03% 3x3
  • Online scratch cards developer - NetEnt

    Net Entertainment

    Net Entertainment, or NetEnt, is one of the most popular providers of online gaming software. It maintains a portfolio of games full of exciting features such as 3D scratch cards. Some of its other scratch games include The Lost Pyramid, Treasure Hunt, and Zodiac.
    Info about CTXM scratchcards
    Name Theme Max. Win RTP% Layout

    Lucky Double

    Classic 100,000x 85% 3x3
    Treasure Hunt Deep ocean 10,000x 93.3% 3x3
    Tribble Traditional 100,000x 87.5% 3x3
  • Online scratch cards developer - Playetech


    Playtech is a highly rated software company that provides many thrilling games to online casinos. It’s known for its comic book-style games and big brand partnerships and has been in the gaming market since 1999. Some of its scratch games are The Hulk, Kong, and Fantastic Four.
    Info about CTXM scratchcards
    Name Theme Max. Win RTP% Layout


    Marvel 500x 93% 3x3

    Top Trumps Celebs

    Celebrity 1,000x 95% 3x3
    Daredevil Comics 5,000x 94.6% 3x3
  • Online scratch cards developer - Rival


    Rival was founded in 2005 and is best known for its array of slot games. Scratch games can be found in the speciality games category and include Penguin Payday, Pirate’s Pillage, and Beach Bums.
    Info about CTXM scratchcards
    Name Theme Max. Win RTP% Layout

    Cast for Cash

    Fishing 50x your bet 94.45% 3x3

    Beach Bums

    Tourism 5,000x 94.45% 3x3
    Pirate's Pillage Pirate 5,000x 94.45% 3x3

Real Money Bonuses for Scratch-Off Games

Scratch card games are top-rated all over the world. They’re fast, convenient, and entertaining, and there’s enough variety to keep them interesting. You just need to match symbols to win, and different scratch games provide other prizes and possibilities of winning.

Some games only offer one way to win, while others may have multiple games on a single card. The prizes are as variable as the scratch game itself. Some wins are minuscule, but others are attached to impressively large jackpots.

With all the fantastic graphics, sounds, animations, variations, and prize options, online scratch card games can be endlessly entertaining.

All about Odds, RTP, and House Edge

Online scratchcards odds and rtpYour odds of winning any kind of jackpot from scratch cards are determined by the software developer when it makes the card.

Your odds are your chances of winning, and the house edge is the advantage that a casino has over its players. RTP stands for ‘return to player, and it’s a percentage of a bet amount that a casino returns to its players as winnings. The best scratch cards offer low house advantage, high RTP, and high odds of winning.

Generally speaking, each card only has a few prizes on it. The odds of winning a smaller prize are much higher than those of winning a larger prize. While you’re unlikely to win a huge jackpot, a small victory can be exciting and gratifying in itself.

Top 5 Online Scratchcards With The Highest RTP

Top 5 online scratch cards
Game Developer Return to Player % Max possible win
Lucky Numbers Microgaming 96.57 £200,000
Whack a Jackpot Microgaming 96.3 £50,000
Wish Upon Mecca Bingo 96.06 £40,000
The Pig Wizard Blueprint Gaming 95.82 100x your stake
Merlin’s Millions NextGen 95.17 £250,000

Scratch Card Strategies That Might Help You

There’s no real way to predict or guarantee a win, but we can look at some strategies that may help your gameplay. It’s important to remember that casino games are meant to be entertaining. They’re all games of luck, even scratch cards. There’s no strategy to decrease the house edge, but there are some tips to increase your odds of winning.

Strategy 1: Don’t buy cheap cards

Online scratchcards strategie nr1If you want to win big prizes, purchase big cards. Here are a few reasons why cheap cards are less fulfilling:

  • Inexpensive scratch cards are usually priced that way because they have smaller payouts
  • Winning the small prizes can be exciting, but it’s not quite as thrilling as winning a huge jackpot
  • Cheap cards with small prizes are reportedly rigged, which decreases the fun of scratching even more than the tiny prizes do
  • Choose popular cards with larger prizes and higher betting ranges
  • Play a lot of cards at once. Playing up to 10 cards simultaneously increases your chances of winning and makes the playing experience more enjoyable

Strategy 2: Find and become loyal to a scratch card with good rewards

Online scratchcards strategie nr2Playing a lot of cards at once is a good way to increase your chances of winning, but trying to play too many cards from too many casinos can be a waste of time. You should try new cards, but it won’t take long to realise that loyalty pays off in the long run. Below are some reasons why sticking with certain cards is useful.

  • Finding and coming back to cards that you enjoy increases your chances of winning and makes your gameplay more enjoyable
  • If you change scratch cards constantly, you end up losing money
  • You can find cards to become loyal to by playing free scratch cards online

This is a great, risk-free way to discover cards you’ll enjoy playing and eventually betting real money on.

Most Popular Types of Online Scratch Games

There’s a lot of variety in the types of scratch card games that online casinos offer. You can enjoy games with a wide range of prizes, themes, bonuses, and more.

  • Themed casino online scratch cards

    Themed Casino Scratch Cards

    • Some online casinos provide scratch games based on a certain theme, like seasons, fantasy, holidays, and animals
    • Software developers often partner with famous entertainment firms to make branded scratch cards.

    You can play scratch games based on popular movies, TV shows, and video games. Some of the most popular partnerships include Marvel, DC, and HBO.

    • Microgaming, NetEnt, and other developers have made scratch cards based on their most popular slot games
  • Automated online scratch cards

    Automated Scratch Cards

    • The traditional way of playing a scratch card is to purchase one and manually scratch off the surface to reveal prizes.
    • But automated scratch cards have revolutionized the way we play scratchcards online. You have to place a bet and click on “Hit.” The winning combinations, if any, will be revealed.
    • If you don't win any prize and want to play again, you just have to place another bet and click on "Hit" again.
  • Instant win online scratch cards

    Instant Win Scratch Card

    • Scratch cards fall into the ‘instant win’ category of casino games since any winning combinations are revealed instantly
    • Instant win games are ideal for busy players since they’re so quick to play
    • Automated scratch cards work even more quickly than traditional ones
    • They scratch the surface of the card automatically, immediately revealing any winning combinations
  • Multiple chances online scratch cards

    Multiple Chances

    • Ordinary scratch cards only provide players with one winning opportunity
    • You place a bet, scratch the card, and either win or lose depending on the winning combinations
    • Recently, developers have started combining the technology of slot games with scratch card games
    • The result is a scratch-slot hybrid that gives players the chance to win multiple times

How to Start Playing Online Scratches for Real Money

  1. Choose a casino from our list

    Register at an online casino that provides scratch cards in your area. Some of the best casinos are on our list.

  2. Choose a good welcome bonus

    Only sign up at casinos that offer big welcome bonuses such as cash and free spins.

  3. Make a deposit

    Depositing money into an online casino makes you eligible for both playing for real money and claiming bonuses.

  4. Choose a game, buy a scratch card, and start to erase

    Go to the game lobby and find an online scratch card. Downloads aren’t required at most online casinos.

  5. Take a win!

    Load a scratch card from your computer or device, bet real money, and start scratching. If you win, you can withdraw your earnings to your account.

Tips to Help You Save Money

  • Don’t buy cheap cards

    Don’t buy cheap cards

    Cheap scratch cards typically have small, underwhelming prizes. They’re also alleged to be rigged to have a higher house edge. Choose cards with larger payouts and higher betting ranges.

  • Buy in bulk

    Buy in bulk

    Don’t play just one or two scratch cards at a time. Buy and play a lot at once to increase your chances of winning.

  • Manage your bankroll

    Manage your bankroll

    Establish win/loss boundaries for yourself. Budget a certain amount of your bankroll for scratch cards. Know when to stop playing, and abide by that limit you set for yourself.

  • Play them like slots

    Play them like slots

    Scratch cards can eat up your bankroll quickly. Make small bets and play with scratch cards with a high RTP to offer higher odds of winning.

  • Try different types of cards

    Try different types of cards

    You can play free online scratch games to discover different types with no risk to you. Trying out different kinds can help you learn which are the best for you.

  • Manage your expectations

    Manage your expectations

    Understand that no matter what, scratch cards are still a game of luck. There’s no guaranteed win. After you’ve reached your max loss limit, don’t keep playing with high hopes of winning big the next time.


🎮 Are Online Scratch Cards Fair?

Any licensed casino undergoes regular auditing from third-party organisations to test all its games are fair.

🎮 Can You Win a Jackpot With Scratch Cards?

Yes. Scratch cards also feature jackpots for huge wins; however, they aren’t progressive.

🎮 Is There Any Strategy to Winning With Scratch Cards?

Generally, online scratch cards have straightforward mechanics, eliminating the need for strategy. However, finding a title with lower odds usually provides more winning opportunities.