French Roulette Online and All About it

French roulette is different from American and European roulette. The origin of the game starts in France. Unsurprisingly, this roulette is the most loved roulette game. French roulette is just a variation of roulette, so the fundamentals are still the same. However, some differences make it stand out.

The French variation gives the player a high advantage, so this game is a favourite among players. There are more options in French roulette betting, so newcomers must research before jumping in. Read these tips and play French roulette online free before playing with real money.

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Differences Between French and American Roulette

French RouletteFrench roulette is a French variation on roulette. This roulette differs a bit when it comes to the rules. The La Partage rule states that all even-money wagers must split when the ball lands on the zero pocket. United States roulette doesn’t apply this rule. In the United States, the bet is counted as a loss. The European wheel is included in French Roulette, so that part stays familiar. The numbers are randomized, which is different from the American version.

The French version has a lower house edge than the American version and the European version. Since there’s only one zero pocket, the house edge is 2.7%. The edge lowers even more if you include the La Partage and the En Prison rules.

Advantages of French roulette

  • House edge can reduce to 1.35%. Lowest house edge out of all roulette games.
  • A total of 16 bets you can choose from.
  • The La Partage rules give you half your even-money bet back when the ball lands on zero.
  • The En Prison rule states that your bet will stay for the next spin.
  • Uses the European wheel.
  • You can play low stakes or high stakes.

Rules and Odds in French Roulette

French Roulette WheelThe goal of the game is to guess which slot the white ball is going to land on. You then choose an inside, outside, or call bet. Casino players love this game because they have sixteen betting options available to them. The vast betting options are more than the American and European roulette games.

They all fall into the category of either inside bet, outside bet, and call bet. The roulette wheel spins, and you’ll have either lost or won. Many casinos include the En Prison and the La Partage rules in their games, which affect your reward. Many online French roulette games can’t incorporate En Prison rules, so don’t assume every casino uses En Prison.

Types of bets at French roulette

French roulette online has a total of 16 bets that are either outside, inside, or call bets. 

Outside bets are low-risk, low-payout bets. These types of bets are common with players just starting. Conservative players are most likely to choose an outside bet. Inside bets are a higher-risk bet but give higher payouts. Inside bets can have a 35x higher payout than outside bets. 

Call bets vary depending on the winning number. You can bet on which section of the racetrack the ball will land on. Some casinos, such as UK casinos, don’t allow call bets because it’s using credit to bet.

Inside Bets

  • Straight Up bet

    En Plein/Straight Up

    Straight-up bets are 35 to 1 bets placed on which number the ball will land on.
  • En Chavel/Split

    En Chavel/Split

    When you place a split bet, you choose two adjacent numbers to bet on. It has a 17 to 1 payout.
  • Transversale/Street


    A street bet is where the payer bets on three in a row. It has an 11 to 1 payout.
  • Carre/Corner


    The corner bet is a bet that covers four numbers sharing a corner and pays 8 to 1.
  • Sixain/Line


    A six-line bet covers two rows of three numbers and pays 5 to 1.

Outside Bets

  • Black/Red


    A black/red bet is a 1 to 1 bet that covers all red or black numbers.
  • odd/even bet

    Pair/Impair (Even/Odd)

    An even/odd bet is a 1 to 1 bet that covers all even or odd numbers.
  • Passe/Manque

    Passe/Manque (High/Low)

    A high/low bet is a 1 to 1 bet that covers all high or low numbers.
  • columns bet


    A column bet is a 2 to 1 bet that covers one of three columns.
  • dozens


    A dozen bet is a 2 to 1 bet that covers one of the three sections of twelve numbers.

Special Bets

Special bets are also called call bets or announcement bets. Instead of playing your money, you announce your bet without putting any money upfront. There are many types of call bets, and they all vary in the payout. Some countries can only do this on free French roulette.

  • Voisins du Zéro

    Voisins du Zéro

    This is a bet that covers the 17 numbers between the 22 and 25 on the wheel.
  • Jeu Zero

    Jeu Zero

    This bet covers the seven numbers closest to zero.
  • Tiers du Cylindre

    Tiers du Cylindre

    This is a bet that includes the numbers between 27 and 33.
  • Orphelins bet


    This bet includes three numbers and five numbers opposite of those three on the racetrack.
  • Finales bet


    This is a bet that covers all numbers ending in the digit you bet on.

French Roulette Tips

  • Know the rules

    Know the rules

    Before playing, you want to know the terminology. You’ll be able to understand what your bets are and how the game works.

  • Play with small bets

    Play with small bets

    Take advantage of the low house edge and play low stakes. Low-stakes play is okay and is useful when playing a low-house-edge game.

  • Right balance

    Right balance

    Find the right balance between inside and outside betting zones. Inside betting is a high-risk bet while outside betting is safer. Know your limits and find a system that works for you.

  • Play at licensed casinos

    Play at licensed casinos

    If you are using real money, find a reputable casino. Reputable companies should regularly test the fairness of a casino. Research the casino you intend to play on and ensure that there are regular audits.

  • En Prison rule

    En Prison rule

    The En Prison rule is critical to know because it’s unique to the French variation of roulette. All even money bets are marked for the next turn when the ball lands on zero.

  • Stick to budget

    Stick to budget

    Gambling can become an issue, so you want to manage your funds. Play French roulette online free if you can’t handle real money.


Can I Play French Roulette in the UK?

You can play French roulette in the UK, but you can’t place bets on credit.

Is French Roulette Better Than American and European Roulette?

The house edge is lower in the french version of roulette, so players typically favour it.

How is the Game Played?

You place one of sixteen bets on the number the ball will land on. The La Partage and En Prison rules will affect your wins and losses.

Can I Play Free French Roulette Online?

Yes, there are free French roulette online games. You’ll be using a fake currency and won’t be winning or losing real money.