Online Keno and All About It

online keno casinoInitially invented in China many moons ago, Keno is a glorified lottery game. Likewise, the system selects numbers of its own. The choices you’ve made and the digits from the random selection process are then compared. The goal is to get as many matches as possible.

Keno has migrated to online gaming. When you play Keno online, a digitised system replaces the paper card, but the rules are the same or similar. Online variants are simple and sometimes more uncomplicated.

Rules at Online Keno for Real Money

The Keno online game takes place on a grid with 80 numbers. When playing online Keno, you need to select your numbers or ‘spots’ from the card and wait for the draw. The latter is a process where the casino determines 20 random digits and pairs them with your selection. Every number that matches then translates into a win. Players can choose anywhere between 1 and 10 digits depending on the version of the game.

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How to Start Playing Keno Online

  1. Choose your keno Game

    Although Keno in its original form exists on most gambling platforms, there are more than 10 different variations of the game also widely available. Make sure you understand the game before you play online Keno for real money.

  2. Pick your Numbers

    You will be able to pick and wager on up to ten numbers. The only guide you have here is your intuition.

  3. Play and Win

    Once you have selected your numbers all you have to do is wait for them to ‘hit’, the more numbers match those on the Keno card (a giant grid with the numbers one to eighty) the more you see returns.

Great Welcome Promotions for Keno Players

There are times that UK Keno casinos offer no-deposit bonuses. The latter is not a regular occurrence, and therefore it’s best to put them to fair use.

The requirements for the latter are a user’s name or nickname and an email address. Once the email is verified, you should be allowed to access the no deposit bonus. Bear in mind that a no-deposit bonus doesn’t pay real money.

For users who want to play Keno games for money, deposit bonuses are available and are awarded according to the amount deposited. Be sure to understand the surrounding conditions, as they apply to most games on the casino platform, but not all.

A few Tips for Keno Players

  1. Choose Casinos and Games with Best Payouts

    The internet hosts a wide variety of casinos, each one with its features. Some offer incredible welcome bonuses and promise high rates of payouts (RTP). When looking for a casino to play Keno on, choose wisely.

  2. Use Free Play Option to Test the Game

    The worst experience one can have in online Keno for money is placing your deposit and then realising later that you don’t like the game. Always utilise the online free Keno play options before you engage.

  3. Select 4 to 8 numbers

    When you choose less than four numbers, the probability that you will win is very low. If you select more than eight numbers, you will have to get more than four digits in the draw before you see any profits. The idea is to increase your chances. If the winnings are small, it’s okay, just as long as they’re consistent.

  4. Start Small

    The rule of thumb with playing any new game is to start small. Even if you have familiarised yourself with the Keno games free test versions, online gameplay is influenced by the money riding on the outcome.

  5. Manage your bankroll

    Unlike popular belief, managing your bankroll is not only about knowing when to stop depositing money into a game but also knowing when to cash out. It’s not unheard of that a win translates into a loss.

  6. Use Online Keno Bonuses

    Use the Keno bonuses awarded to you. The latter is there to bolster your chances of winning. Some allocated prizes have a use-by date. It would be a travesty to allow any bonus to expire without using it.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Keno

  • You can win money
  • You can lose money

Best Types of Keno

Keno straight tickets

A Straight ticket consists of a specific amount of numbers. This ticket is only on one selection of numbers. You will have to hit all or some of your numbers to win. The latter depends on how many numbers you have chosen.

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Keno Split Tickets

This ticket has a combination of one or more straight bets. The play and pay of this kind of chance work the same as when you place two separate bets. Here you’re not allowed to pick the same number twice.

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Keno Way Tickets

The ticket may have several different arrays of numbers. You’re allowed to choose several groups with varying amounts of spots/numbers. There is no limit on the selections you can make.

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Keno Combination Tickets

The latter is a combination of different grouping types. You can have way bets, king bets, and split tickets all in one chance. Every combination selected requires a wager or payment.

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Online Bingo Pros & Cons

  • plus icon
    1. The game is straightforward and hence easy to learn
    2. The rounds are faster; therefore, you know the outcome quickly
    3. It’s a popular game that most casino Sites host
  • minus icon
    1. Low average return rate
    2. There is a possibility to lose
    3. It requires no skill, hence little mental stimulation

Playing Keno for Free or Real Money

Why users play for real money
  1. After the sustained play, you get access to VIP and loyalty rewards

  2. There is a chance to make a profit on your investment in the form of winnings

  3. Your investment makes the casino game Keno more entertaining. You stand to win or lose

  4. Free Keno casino games are limited, thus making the gamer to deposit money

Why players choose free game
  1. No money is lost when playing Keno free

  2. Users play Keno games free to test the software and graphics before signing up

  3. There’re casinos out there that allow you to play for free casino games without having to register or sign up

  4. It's risk-free fun


? Is Keno Difficult?

Keno is one of the simplest available games to play both online and at brick-and-mortar establishments. You simply pick your numbers and compare them with the draw.

? Is it available Online?

Due to improving online casino technology, it is common practice to play Keno online, this is made possible by its wide availability.

? Is Keno a Card Game

Keno is closer to bingo or a lottery system. The player selects their numbers and compares them to what comes out in the draw. The easiest way to understand the game is to play free online Keno.