Craps online and all about it

Craps is a popular table game that can be found in many online casinos. Online craps are similar to craps in brick and mortar casinos, sharing many of the same basic rules. This is a dice game, where you wager on the outcome of a roll. As with most casino games, there are a few bets and strategies you can choose from when you join a craps casino.

Craps is an exciting and fast-paced game that promises to keep you entertained for hours. This is usually the loudest table on the floor in brick and mortar casinos, with plenty of people cheering the dice. If you play craps online, you’ll get the same level of action and excitement from the comfort of your home.

It can be a daunting game for players who are unfamiliar with the rules, and many people avoid the craps table because they think it’s too complicated. The game is not that complex, and the rules are relatively straightforward. You also don’t have to know all the rules for the various types of craps before you can start playing. If you’d like to learn more about playing craps online, you should carry on reading.

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Best Websites to Play Online Craps

Many online casinos offer craps. Choose the top ones that’ll provide you with the best experience.

Main Rules Explained: How to Place Bets?

Online craps - main rules explained

Before you can start playing craps online, you need to understand how the game works. Craps uses a pair of dice, and you bet on the outcome of a roll or series of rolls. The person who rolls the dice is referred to as the ‘shooter’. All bets, which have to be at least the table minimum, must be finalised before the shooter is allowed to roll.

If you are the shooter:

  • Roll the dice to determine the point
  • Roll again to match the point
  • If you roll a seven before you roll the point, your turn is over, and the next shooter gets a turn

A practical scenario: Once you approach the craps table, you can place your bets. If you don’t want to roll, you can bet on a shooter. Once the bets are placed, a shooter will get the chance to do a come-out roll. The shooter will continue to roll until there’s a win or until he lands a seven. If there’s a seven, the next shooter will get a turn to move.

Craps Types of Bets Explained

online craps - types of bets

There are various types of bets that you can make when you play online craps. You can choose any of these bets while you’re playing a craps game online. Each type of bet has individual odds. You can make your choice based on the odds that the bet type allows. You can also use different strategies to increase these odds.

Available Bets in Craps

Once you understand the available bets that you can make, it’s easier to make good choices and to use the appropriate strategies to increase your odds. It’s good to understand exactly how the game works before you start playing for craps online real money, especially if you’ve never tried your hand at craps before.

  • Pass line bet - online craps

    Pass Line

    These are the most common and straightforward bets in craps. You often have to make one of these before making your come-out roll.

    • A pass line bet wins when the come-out roll is seven or 11
    • If your roll lands on another number, the number becomes the point, and your bet stays in place
    • You lose the bet if you roll a two, three or 12
    Pass line odds and payouts
    True Odds Payouts House Edge %
    251 to 244 1:1 1.41
  • Field bet - online craps


    The field bet allows you to make a bet at any point during the game. With this bet, you win if you land a three, four, nine, 10, or 11. If you hit a two, you win double and triple if you roll a 12. On the other hand, if the throw lands a five, six, seven, or eight, your bet loses.
    Field bet odds and payouts
    Numbers Payouts House Edge %
    3,4,9,10, or 11 1:1 5.5
    2,12 2:1 5.5
  • Come bets - online craps


    If you place a come bet and roll a seven or 11, you win. If you get a two, three, or 12, you lose. If you roll any other number, it becomes the new point for your come bet, and you win if you roll the new point on your next roll.
    Come Bet odds and payouts
    True Odds Payouts House Edge %
    251 to 244 1:1 1.41
  • Place bets - online craps


    You can make a place win or place lose bet. A place win is when you bet on a four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten, and you’ll win if the number you chose is thrown before a seven. A place lose bet works in the opposite way. You still select one of these numbers and win if a seven is rolled before one of these numbers.
    Place bets odds and payouts
    Numbers True Odds Payouts House Edge %
    4 or 10 1:1 9:5 6.7
    5 or 9 3:2 7:5 4
    6 or 8 6:5 7:6 1.52
  • Proposition bets - online craps


    A proposition bet is a single-roll bet where you’ll either win or lose on the very next throw of the dice. These bets have a very high house edge. You can make a proposition bet at any point during the game.
    Proposition bets odds and payouts
    Bet type True Odds Payouts House Edge %
    Any 7 5:1 4:1 16.9
    Any Craps 8:1 7:1 11.1
    2 or 12 Craps 35:1 30:1 13.9
  • Don't pass bets - online craps

    don’t pass

    A don’t pass bet works in the exact opposite way.

    • A don’t pass bet wins when the come-out roll is two or three
    • You lose if you roll a seven or 11
    • If you roll 12, a point is established, and your bet stays on the table
    Don't pass bet payouts and aodds
    True Odds Payouts House Edge %
    976:949 1:1 1.36
  • Don't come bets - online craps

    Don’t Come

    A don’t come bet will lose if you roll a seven or 11 and win if you get a two or three. If you roll any other number, it establishes the new point. If you roll the new point, you lose.

    Don't come bet payouts and aodds
    True Odds Payouts House Edge %
    976:949 1:1 1.36
  • Big 6 & 8 bets - online craps

    Big Six, Big Eight

    If you make a big six bet, you’ll win if you throw a six before you throw a seven, and a big eight allows you to win if you roll an eight before you roll a seven.
    Big 6 & 8 payouts and odds
    True Odds Payouts House Edge %
    1:1 9.09

Craps Table: What is a Come-Out Roll?

  • Come-Out Roll

    Come-Out Roll

    A come-out roll is the first roll of a new game. The come-out roll establishes the point, which is the number you base your bets on. The shooter will throw the dice and then be allowed to pitch again, depending on the type of bets. All bets have to be finalised before the come-out roll.

  • Natural Numbers

    Natural Numbers

    Natural numbers are when the come-out roll lands in a seven and 11. If you placed your bets on a pass or come, a natural number means a win. If you put your bets on a don’t pass or don’t come, you lose when the dice lands on a natural number.

  • Craps Numbers

    Craps Numbers

    Craps numbers occur when your come-out roll lands on a two, three, or 12. This is often referred to as crapping out, and if you placed your bets on the pass line, you lose. If you set your bet on don’t pass, you win if there are craps numbers, and tie if it lands on 12.

  • Point Numbers

    Point Numbers

    The point number is the number that you roll with your first throw of the dice. You have to either roll this number again or avoid this number, depending on the bet you’ve placed. The point number can change as the game carries on, making it more exciting.

Great Bonus Offers for Craps Players

When you sign up with an online casino to play craps for real money, you’ll find plenty of bonuses and promotions. Most online casinos offer a welcome bonus, often in the form of a match bonus with free spins. The casino will usually have craps as part of the games that count towards the wagering requirements. You can also find craps-specific bonuses, which you can use on video craps. Some of the popular types of promotions include reload bonuses and cashback bonuses.

Finding promotions for live casino craps are rare, but they do exist, and if you find them, it’s usually worth it.

Know Your Odds to Win

Craps odds are the easiest to understand all casino games, with some bets not even having a house edge. The odds are different for each type of bet you make.

Online craps odds and payoutsFor don’t come bets, you play at true odds since there’s no house edge. A pass line bet is similar with no house edge but limited stakes. A don’t pass bet is another craps bet that has true odds and no house edge. With all these bets that have no house edge, you can only bet a limited amount, and winnings are also limited. Field bets hold a house edge of 5.5%, and any craps bets have an 11.11% house edge.

With hard ways, the house edge is about 9.09% on rolling a six or eight and 11.11% to roll a four or ten. Proposition bets have higher payout odds, some at 15:1 or even 30:1, which means it’s much harder to roll, but the payouts for these bets are higher than with other types.

Craps is easily the most fast-paced and exciting game that you’ll find at any casino. Online casinos have done an excellent job in recreating the excitement you’ll find in brick and mortar casinos.

Craps probability

Possible craps dice combos
Dice roll probabilities
Dice roll Combinations required Probability
2 Number on dice - 1 Number on dice - 1 2.78%
3 Number on dice - 1 Number on dice - 2 5.56%
4 Number on dice - 2 Number on dice - 2      Number on dice - 3 Number on dice - 1 8.33%
5 Number on dice - 2 Number on dice - 3      Number on dice - 4 Number on dice - 1 11.11%
6 Number on dice - 1 Number on dice - 5     Number on dice - 3 Number on dice - 3     Number on dice - 4Number on dice - 2 13.89%
7 Number on dice - 5 Number on dice - 2     Number on dice - 4 Number on dice - 3     Number on dice - 6 Number on dice - 1 16.66%
8 Number on dice - 5 Number on dice - 3     Number on dice - 4 Number on dice - 4     Number on dice - 6Number on dice - 2 13.89%
9 Number on dice - 5 Number on dice - 4      Number on dice - 6 Number on dice - 3 11.11%
10 Number on dice - 5 Number on dice - 5      Number on dice - 6 Number on dice - 4 8.33%
11 Number on dice - 5 Number on dice - 6 5.56%
12 Number on dice - 6 Number on dice - 6 2.78%

Best Craps Bet Strategies You Should Know

Online craps strategies

If you understand the craps strategies and can implement them well, you increase your chances of winning, and of course, having more fun. Each bet type has strategies that can improve your odds. While craps isn’t a challenging game, implementing the right strategies at appropriate times takes some practice. Play craps online free to get as much practice in before switching to craps for real money.

  • The Pass Line

    The Pass Line

    With a pass line betting strategy, you’re betting on the shooter rolling the point before throwing a seven. If they roll a seven or an 11, you’ll win even money.

  • Come Bets

    Come Bets

    Another strategy that you can apply is the come bet strategy, where you’ll also win if landing a seven or 11. This is a good strategy to employ, as it has pretty good odds.

  • Don’t Come Bets

    Don’t Come Bets

    A don’t come strategy is opposite to the previous strategies you can use. If you choose this strategy, you place a don’t come bet, which means you’ll lose if the shooter rolls a seven or 11.

  • Don’t Pass Line

    Don’t Pass Line

    Don’t pass line bet strategies are similar to don’t come bets. You lose if the shooter rolls a seven or 11. This bet also holds good odds, so it’s a fair strategy to employ.

Most Popular Types of Online Craps

As with most online casino games, craps has a few varieties that you can choose from. Some are more popular than others and easier to find in top online casino portfolios.

  • Crapless craps

    Crapless Craps

    With crapless craps, you can’t lose the come-out roll, but the only way this roll will payout is if you land a seven.

    • The house edge of crapless craps is 5.38%, which is much higher than the average of regular craps
    • You also can’t bet on don’t pass in crapless craps since the game doesn’t allow ‘negative’ bets to occur
  • High point craps

    High point Craps

    In high point craps, numbers two and three are ignored, and you have to roll again until you get another outcome.

    • If you roll an 11 or 12, you automatically win
    • The house edge of high point craps is around 2.35%, which is still higher than regular craps

    This is an exciting variation of craps and easy to learn.

  • simplified craps

    Simplified Craps

    As the name states, this is a simple version of the regular game.

    • It’s played on a traditional craps table, and based on the outcomes of a roll of the dice, you’ll either win or lose
    • Simplified craps don’t work with point numbers, and you only have to look for six numbers that can win and five numbers that can lose
  • New york craps

    New York Craps

    New York craps varies from regular craps in rules and also uses a different table layout.

    • The New York craps table has two dealers on either end
    • Players aren’t allowed to make come or don’t come bets
    • Casinos usually take a 5% commission on the winnings you get from New York Craps
    • The house edge of this variation is 5%, similar to other variants and higher than regular craps

How to Start Playing Craps for Real Money

  1. Choose a casino from our list

    Playing online craps online for real money is easy! Choose among craps casinos from our comprehensive list of the best online casinos available.

  2. Choose a good welcome bonus

    Choose an excellent welcome bonus that will allow you to get to know the casino and maximize your first deposit.

  3. Make a deposit

    After you’ve opened an account with the casino, you can make a deposit and activate your bonus using any of the easy payment methods the casino offers.

  4. Choose craps and roll the dice

    Choose craps from the list of fun casino games and decide which strategies you’re going to use to better your odds and have more fun.

  5. Take a win!

    Take a win while having fun with fellow players, either with video craps or in a live online casino.


What are the winning odds?

The odds of winning are approximately 0.67.

What should I look for in a welcome bonus?

You want enough money to bet with, so most good casinos give you double what you have as a warm welcome. You can check out online craps reviews at each casino.

Is it easy to play craps?

Yes and No. The premise is simple to understand, but there's a lot of rules and jargon if you want to get the most out of it genuinely.