Blackjack Online and All About It

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games both online and at land-based casinos. There’s a large numbert of online blackjack casinos and we have tested and selected the best. In this article, we’ll go through the rules, strategies and explain how to play online.

The goal is for you as a reader to be able to understand and play this fun game after reading our article. We recommend that you try the many different free Blackjack games available across our recommended providers and establishments.

Once you have read about the different types of bets you can place, it’s always a good idea to try these on the blackjack online free games to improve and better your skills. This applies even more to the various strategies we address. This way, you are well prepared when you start playing for real money.

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Best Websites to Play Blackjack for Real Money

There are many online casinos across the world, but how do you know which to choose? Below you’ll find the top casinos to play blackjack online for real money as recommended by our industry experts.

Online Blackjack Main Rules Explained

Blackjack online has more options to choose from than a land-based casino. There are often more types of bets for the players as well, which makes it a little extra fun to play online. Another difference is that you also have games of free Blackjack online and that the rules are different for the different variants so you can continue to play and see what works for you.

The Rules in Summary:

  • In Blackjack, you only play against the house
  • You should aim to get as close to 21 as possible to win, but not over 21
  • If you are closer to 21 than the house, you win

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play blackjack online:

  1. Choose a casino and a game to play
  2. The game begins with you getting two open cards and the house either an open card or an open and a face down.
  3. This may differ between the variants.
  4. Depending on which cards have come up, you decide whether you want to stay (Stand) or take a new card (Hit).
  5. If you choose to stay, you win if the house card is lower or over 21, otherwise, you lose if you go over 21.
Online blackjack card value

Card Value

The value of the cards is different in online blackjack and in casinos, this can be confusing at first but you learn this quickly. Normally, the face up cards have a higher value in ascending order from jack to Ace of the highest value. The other cards clearly have their value in the number printed from 2–10. In Blackjack, all face up cards have a value of 10, Aces are worth 1 or 11 and 2–10 have their usual value.

Understanding Blackjack Main Features

Blackjack Main FeaturesIt’s important to get as close to the sum of 21 as possible and to have a higher hand than the house, without getting bust. Getting bust means that the sum of the cards exceeds 21 and is counted as a loss for both the house and the player. The player receives two cards and can choose whether he is happy with them or wants more cards.

Blackjack glossary
Blackjack term Definition
Hit when the player requests a new card to be added to the two original cards
Stand when the player is happy with the two cards he has been dealt
Double when the player thinks he can win with just one more card, the bet can be doubled
Split if the player gets a pair, he can choose to split the cards and play two hands instead of one
Surrender to forfeit a hand when the player receives two bad cards in the first hand
Insurance if the dealer's first card is an Ace, you can buy side insurance bet for half the amount of the bet
Side Bets bets are played in parallel with the regular bets that are built up to a progressive potential win

Online blackjack is relatively easy to learn. We recommend playing blackjack free before trying with real money.

Best Bonuses for Online Blackjack Players

When you make a deposit, you can sometimes be rewarded with a bonus penny to play with. It’s usually a bonus that matches your deposit up to a certain amount. Unfortunately, table games rarely contribute much to the turnover and often they can not be used at live casinos.

If you can play classic casino games like blackjack, you usually have a very low maximum limit on your bets. Always read the terms and conditions before accepting a bonus so that you are sure that you can play online blackjack with it or scout for blackjack-specific bonuses.

Know Your Odds Against the Dealer

In blackjack, you should always calculate probabilities or odds. What are the chances that you’ll get a certain card versus what the dealer or house might get? There are tables for what the odds look like for winning at hit/stand for different cards against the dealer’s face-up starting card.

Probability to bust on an extra card

The probability of getting a bust naturally increases the higher the value you have on your cards. If you already have 21, you should definitely not take another card. If you are at 11 or below on your hand, it is impossible to get fat, ie 0%.

It’s the numbers between these that are interesting and that should be evaluated before you decide to stay, hit, or surrender. If the odds look very good compared to what the dealer has, it may be time to double.

Online BlackJack - probability to bust on an extra card
Hand Value Probability
11 or lower 0%
12 31%
13 39%
14 56%
15 58%
16 62%
17 69%
18 77%
19 85%
20 92%
21 100%

The dealer's probability to bust

You have to take the dealer's face-up cards into account when calculating the odds for the end of the hand. Here it gets a little more difficult as the rules change in the different variants of Blackjack. For example, you need to think about whether the dealer must stop or can take a card on a 17 to get a correct picture of the odds.

Online blackjack - dealers probability to bust
Dealer’s card Probability when standing on 17s Probability when hitting on 17s
Ace 17% 20%
2 35% 36%
3 37% 38%
4 40% 40%
5 42% 42%
6 42% 44%
7 26% 26%
8 24% 24%
9 23% 23%
10 23% 23%

Best Blackjack Strategies

As with other card games, you can learn different strategies to increase your chances of winning. Playing blackjack online is no exception. Below we go through strategies that you can try when playing free online blackjack and when playing with real money.

  • Don't Split

    Don't Split a Pair of 5s or Tens

    A pair of fives is also a hard ten so both pairs of fives and tens are therefore more favorable to keep than to divide.
  • Double Down

    Double Down On a Hard 11

    A profitable strategic exception is played with several decks of cards and if the rules of the game say that the dealer must stay on soft 17.
  • Stand on Hard 16

    Stand on Hard 16 Against a Dealer’s 10 Upcard

    If the dealer has a 5 or 6, you can choose to stay, but if it is higher, it is recommended to fold if it’s allowed.
  • Double Down on 8 Against Dealer

    Double Down on 8 Against Dealer’s 5 or 6 Upcard in Single Deck

    If you are holding an 8, you should double up because 5 and 6 are low for a dealer to hold.
  • Split a Pair of 8s and Aces

    Split a Pair of 8s and Aces

    You should always split pairs into 8s and Aces no matter what the dealer's card shows, your chances of winning increase with playing two hands.
  • Hit a Hard 12

    Hit a Hard 12 against the Dealer’s 2 or 3 Upcard

    Most people go to hit if it is allowed, we say take cards, you lose less in the long run even if you get a bust sometimes.
  • Blackjack

    Hit Ace-7 (Soft 18) When the Dealer’s Upcard Is 9, 10, Or Ace

    You should hit at a soft 18 only if the dealer has upcards of a 9, 10, or Ace. It will increase your chances of winning.

Most Popular Types of Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is slightly different from how it’s played at a land-based casino. Most blackjack games are also available to play for free. Below we briefly go through the most popular variants.

  • european blackjack

    European Blackjack

    • This version of blackjack is similar to the classic version
    • The difference comes in when it comes to dealing the cards. In the general scenario, 6 decks of cards are used (some variants use 4-8 though)
    • If the dealer hits blackjack first, the player will lose the bet entirely
  • progressive blackjack

    Progressive Blackjack

    • The progressive variant is the classic variant with a twist
    • Instead of just the usual 2-3 x payout, the player has the option to place a side bet
    • When a player takes home the entire pot, there’s an amount left from the side bet so it does not restart from zero
    • This version of blackjack is not available for free play
  • american blackjack

    American Blackjack

    • The dealer gets two cards here instead of one, one visible and one hidden
    • If the dealer's first inverted card is an ace, there is a possibility that it got 21 and is then allowed to look at his facedown card
    • The player has the opportunity to give up which is not allowed in all variants
  • live dealer blackjack

    Live Dealer Blackjack

    • Casinos usually offer blackjack in the form of regular table games, free blackjack, and with a live dealer in the live lobby
    • Different variants of the game are also offered as live table games
    • When playing live, you can interact and converse with the dealer in real-time
    • Every version of live blackjack varies, so always check the rules for the game you are playing

Online Blackjack: RTP & House Edge

Below you will find a table that reports the games' RTP (Return To Player) and the house advantage for each version and variety of online blackjack.

Online blackjack rtp and house edge
Variant House Edge % Return to Player %
Classic Blackjack 0.13 99.87
Blackjack Switch 0.16 99.84
Vegas Strip Blackjack 0.35 99.65
Atlantic City Blackjack 0.36 99.64
Spanish Blackjack 0.38 99.62
Bonus Blackjack 0.39 99.61
Blackjack Surrender 0.39 99.61
European Blackjack 0.42 99.58
High Streak Blackjack 0.42 99.58

How to Start Playing Blackjack for Real Money?

  1. Choose a casino from our list

    Use our list as a guideline to select the best possible casino for yourself. Our experts only recommend the best of the best.

  2. Choose a good welcome bonus

    Browse through the available casinos for online blackjack and see which has the most appealing welcome offer.

  3. Make a deposit

    To get started, browse for the deposit options, select the one you prefer and get ready to play online blackjack.

  4. Choose blackjack and wait until you will get your cards

    Browse the casino for the blackjack options and select the variation you’d prefer. Wait for your cards and you are ready to get playing

  5. Take a win!

    If you have a good strategy and a stroke of luck, you may win and the funds will be added to your account. When you are ready you can cash out and withdraw the funds for yourself!

A few tips for blackjack players

  • Learn the rules

    Learn the rules

    The rules for playing the best online Blackjack games are straightforward. The aim is to reach 21 before the dealer does or before you go bust, meaning you have gone over 21. Practice the game and its rules on a free Blackjack game at online casinos.

  • Avoid the insurance wager

    Avoid the insurance wager

    You shouldn’t wager money on insurance in a Blackjack game unless you’re counting cards in a physical casino. The stats prove that you lose cash in the long run this way. The odds against this deal-making Blackjack are about nine to four.

  • Know the basic strategy

    Know the basic strategy

    There are many strategies that can be used when playing Blackjack online free or for real money that it's best to pick one or two of the more basic ones and stick to them.

  • Manage Your Bankroll

    Manage Your Bankroll

    Never spend more money than you can afford to lose. You can never predict if you will win. Don’t go chasing your losses and remember the golden rule: quit while you’re ahead.

  • Stick to games that pay 3:2 for blackjack

    Stick to games that pay 3:2 for blackjack

    Whether you’re playing free Blackjack online or for real money, always insist on a full 3:2 on a winning blackjack and never play 6:5 games. The cost 6:5 black is an increase in the edge of the house at 1.4% if everything else is equal.

  • Learn to Split Your Pairs

    Learn to Split Your Pairs

    There are a couple of instances where you should split pairs, in the case of Aces and eights. Never split tens or fours. Tens are a firm hand, and it's unlikely that you will get better by splitting the hand. Fours just give you two weak hands if you split them. Playing a Blackjack free game will give you a chance to practice this strategy.


Are Blackjack free games available at all online casinos?

No, not all casinos offer free Blackjack online. It’s best to do some upfront research to find out which casinos have an option for players to try Blackjack free online games.

Is Blackjack a difficult game?

No, the concept is straightforward. You get dealt cards and you need to try to get as close to 21 without going bust by exceeding the number. Try a free Blackjack game online to learn the basics.

Is Blackjack a popular online game?

Yes, blackjack is popular online because it is simple and fast paced.