Online Bingo and All About It

Bingo has always been a popular pastime with the added advantage of winning big money. The game is now available to play at many online casinos. You can play video bingo with a random number generator (RNG) or a live version with an interactive dealer.

You can play online bingo for real money from the comfort of your own home and have the option to choose between various types of games and rooms.

If you’re not familiar with online bingo games, you can learn some basic rules and the various patterns you will find in them. Take an in-depth look at some of the best online bingo bonuses, and dive into a few strategies to increase your chances of winning.

You can also learn about some of the most popular types available online. Once you’re ready to play bingo for money, you can look into any of the top-rated online bingo sites, which have been proven fair and trustworthy.

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Top-Rated Online Bingo Casinos

Online Bingo Main Rules Explained

Online bingo main rules

Online bingo rules are similar to that of the regular game. You’ll pay a deposit for the scorecard, which you’ll use to mark the numbers drawn. You should keep in mind that the variations of online bingo games may vary the rules. With the different number of blocks on the card come different winning combinations. Regardless, the rules are pretty simple. The first player who gets a winning combination on their scorecard takes the prize. Some bingo games allow for more than one winner.

To play bingo online, you need to log in to one of the top online bingo sites. Once you’ve logged on, you can pay the deposit and receive your scorecard. The game will start when the first ball is drawn.

  1. The number will appear on your screen
  2. If you have the number on your scorecard, you should mark it off
  3. The numbers will continue to show, being drawn through an RNG
  4. Continue marking off every number that’s on your scorecard
  5. The game will continue until one or more players have marked off the winning pattern or combination of patterns
  6. The casino will verify the winning cards
  7. Start again

If the first number is drawn and it’s b-5, for instance, you’ll look for b-5 on your scratchcard. If you have this block, you scratch it out. You continue like this until there’s a winner.

Understanding Bingo Patterns

With the variations in bingo games, there are also differences in winning patterns. If you play bingo games, you should understand them to know when you’re on a winning card and correctly implement your strategy. A bingo pattern is a combination of blocks that form some sort of design. There are almost infinite numbers of variations that casinos can use as winning designs.

  • Online Bingo - four corner pattern

    Four Corners

    The four corners pattern is one of the most straightforward. If you play bingo for money, you can aim to get it. It’s complete when you have scratched the number on each of the four outside corners of the card.
  • Online Bingo - clock pattern

    Clock Bingo

    Clock bingo looks like a round clock with the bottom right-hand corners that look like hands pointed to a time. You’ll often find this trendy version in online casino bingo chat rooms.
  • Online Bingo - wine glass pattern

    Wine Glass

    The wine glass bingo pattern is made up of 11 blocks. The bottom row is filled, then there’s a stem and a glass. There are usually multiple games of wine glass patterns in one room.
  • Online Bingo - Windmill pattern

    Windmill Bingo

    Another popular bingo pattern that’s often used, even for free bingo online, is the windmill. Here you’ll have one block in the middle, and then all the blocks around the centre are filled. This pattern is primarily found in 75 ball bingo.
  • Online Bingo - bell pattern

    Bell Bingo

    Bell bingo is especially popular around Christmas time. Its pattern is shaped like a bell and has 14 blocks that you have to scratch off. This pattern allows for extended gameplay and is a lot of fun.
  • Online Bingo - Witches hat

    Witches Hat

    The witches hat is a popular Halloween theme pattern. It has 13 numbers that you have to scratch on your card and allows extended play.

All About Odds, RTP, and House Edge

All about odds BingoPut simply, if you purchase one out of 10 bingo cards, your odds of winning will be 10% . This might seem simple, but the odds change according to the type of bingo you’re playing, as well as how many other people are playing along. The number of cards you have can drastically change the odds. The more scratchcards you purchase, the higher the chances are that you’ll win.

Generally, there’s a 50% chance that a card will win within 41 numbers drawn. Any card stands a 90% chance to win with 54 numbers drawn.

The house edge is 11%, one of the highest in casino games. The return to player (RTP) is also much lower than many other casino games, averaging around 70%. These statistics vary among the different types of bingo and depend on the specific casino.

Average Balls Drawn

The following table shows the average number of balls drawn by game type and number of cards:

Average number of balls drawn to get bbingo
Game 2000 4000 6000 8000
Single Bingo 8.62 8.05 7.82 7.71
Double Bingo 19.32 18.04 17.22 16.79
Triple Bingo 27.13 25.77 25.03 24.49
Single Hardway 11.41 10.33 9.79 9.49
Double Hardway 24.56 23.07 22.25 21.76
Triple Hardway 33.44 31.95 31.09 30.64
Six Pack 9.51 8.9 8.55 8.37
Nine Pack 21.79 20.27 19.6 18.95
Coverall 57.57 56.38 55.56 55.08

Bonuses for Real Money Bingo

As with most online casinos, you’ll be offered various bonuses when you decide to play online bingo. When you sign up, you may be able to play bingo online with no deposit required. Other casinos can give a deposit match or even cash-back bonuses.

Some casinos also offer a reload bonus for any subsequent deposits you make after your initial payment. It’s sporadic that you’ll find a bonus for live casino bingo, but they do exist. Take a look at the bonuses page to find the best promotions from top casinos.

Bingo Strategies That Might Help You

online bingo strategiesMany people think bingo is a game of chance, and there’s no strategy involved. With any game like this, there’s a combination of luck and strategy. You’ll find many approaches to improve your odds for online bingo, but not all of them will work. The Tippet Theory, for instance, hasn’t yet been scientifically proven and is only applicable to games with no RNG.

If you play in a live bingo hall, you should choose cards ranging from one to the maximum of possible draws, for instance, 90. If the game carries on for a long time, you can select cards closer to its median. You can decide for yourself if this strategy works. When you find a method that you like that works for you, you can stick to it.

Online bingo strategie 1

Strategy 1 – Increase Your Chances By Purchasing More Cards

The best strategy to win at bingo is to increase the odds in your favour.

  • The more scratchcards you have, the better your chances of winning
  • You should always buy more than one card
  • The more cards you have, the fewer cards someone else may have
  • Some casinos may limit the number of cards each player purchases, but you can still get the maximum allowed amount

Imagine if there are 10 cards available. If you buy five of these 10, your odds of winning are increased from 10% to 50%.

Purchasing multiple cards is an easy strategy to implement, and you can already see the difference it makes in your odds by using this simple equation.

Online bingo strategie 2

Strategy 2 – Play in Small Rooms

If you play in rooms with plenty of other players, your odds are lowered.

  • The smaller the room, the bigger your chances of winning
  • This strategy is similar to purchasing more cards and works on the same principles
  • It lowers the chances of other people winning and increases your own
  • If you combine this strategy with buying more cards, you increase your odds exponentially.

It may be more challenging to find small bingo rooms in some online casinos, but it’s definitely worth the effort. You’ll get to know the busiest and slowest times in the various rooms the more you play.

Most Popular Types of Online Bingo Games

Online bingo offers variations to the game that you won’t necessarily find elsewhere. With it being such a popular game at many online casinos, various sites offer different types you can choose from.

90 ball bingo type

90 Ball

Ninety ball bingo is one of the most popular versions on UK casino sites. Your card will have a total of 27 blocks, and you’ll often be able to buy strips of six cards. The cards have three horizontal lines, with nine vertical one. To win at 90 ball bingo, you either have to have one line, two lines, or all your blocks ticked off unless the casino plays with a specific pattern.

80 ball bingo type

80 Ball

Eighty ball bingo tickets have 16 squares, four horizontal and four vertical. You’ll be able to buy a strip of five tickets from most online casinos. You also have three ways of winning. You can mark off one line horizontally, one line vertically, or all of your blocks. Many casinos use variations in the patterns with 80 ball bingo to make it more fun.

75 ball bingo type

75 Ball

You’ll often see the word ‘bingo’ spelt out at the top of the 75 ball bingo games. Each letter will stand above a column, and the cards also have five rows. The middle block is free to help increase your odds. Before the game starts, the host will announce the winning pattern.

30 ball bingo type

30 Ball

Thirty ball bingo is also often called speed bingo since it’s much faster than the more traditional variants. Online casinos introduced it specifically to speed up the game. Your tickets only have nine squares, and you only have one chance to win, where the other variants offer three.


How to Start Playing Online Bingo for Real Money

  1. Choose an Online Casino from Our List

    You’ll find top bingo casinos on our list, where you can play variations of the game and win fantastic prizes.

  2. Choose a Good Welcome Bonus

    You should also consider the value of the welcome bonus that the site offers. Look for bonuses with fair wagering requirements.

  3. Make a Deposit

    Before you can start playing bingo for money, you’ll be required to deposit it to your casino account. Use any of the easy payment methods that the casino offers.

  4. Choose a Game, Buy Bingo Cards

    You can choose from the variations of games or bingo rooms at the casino. Once you’ve decided, you can buy your bingo scratch cards and wait for the numbers to be drawn.

  5. Take a Win!

    Part of the fun of bingo is the fact that you can win amazing prizes. Some games have progressive jackpots, but these rarely roll over.

A few tips for bingo players

  • Use casino bonuses

    Use casino bonuses

    Take advantage of the bonuses and all promotions the casinos offer. These offers make bingo more exciting and can increase your winnings.

  • Manage your bankroll

    Manage your bankroll

    Put aside money to play bingo to ensure you’re never playing with money you need for something else. Playing online bingo is fun, but you don’t want to end up chasing a loss.

  • Choose your bingo at a casino

    Choose your bingo at a casino

    When you’re making this choice, pay attention to the welcome package, the variety of games, and the deposit and withdrawal options.

  • Look for the best option

    Look for the best option

    If you’re playing for real money, look for quiet bingo rooms. Also, play at off-peak times. Bingo is a social game, but fewer people means less competition.

  • Advice for new players

    Advice for new players

    Many bingo online sites have rooms specifically for new players. These are perfect spaces to try out the different games and to take advantage of welcome packages.

  • Play & Win

    Play & Win

    The more you play, the more chance you stand to win. As you practise, you’ll get better at keeping track of your cards. With more cards in play, you’re more likely to win.


What is the best online bingo?

The best online bingo is up to you. The most popular is the 90-ball bingo. The most exciting is 30-ball bingo.

Can I play bingo without a deposit?

Most online casinos offer no deposit bingo games.

Can I play bingo on my phone?

Yes. Online bingo is compatible with all mobile devices.

Do I need to wager to play?

You can play free online bingo games for fun. You can also wager small amounts.