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Playing games on any casino online is a common pastime activity that attracts people from different walks of life. With more and more people interested in this activity, it’s no wonder that betting is becoming quite a popular theme for anime shows as well.

The most appealing thing about online gambling is you are guaranteed an immersive experience from the comfort of your home. Therefore, as this way of gambling is getting more and more popular every day, no wonder we will see the reflection of it in the media, with how many TV shows and anime about gambling. Without further ado, here are the best 7 gambling animes you should check out!

Rio: Rainbow Gate

Rio: Rainbow Gate is a pretty popular anime gambling show you might want to check out. The story revolves around a female dealer who serves as a Lady Luck to any gambler around her. The story takes place in Howard Resort Hotel, where many people gather to try their luck at different games. In this anime, any player who manages to gather 13 gate cards will win the most beautiful dealer. Additionally, Rio, the dealer, will teach you to play slot machine games. Nevertheless, you must understand that the strategies and tricks used in this anime do not work in real casinos.

General Info About Rio: Rainbow Gate

  • Genre - Game, Comedy
  • Original run - 2011
  • Episodes - 13
  • Rating - PG-13
  • Studio - Xebec

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Saki is another common anime that borrows a couple of elements from Compulsive Gambler and Kagi. The storyline is about a schoolgirl who dislikes everything about the Mahjong game for its negative impact on her life. Surprisingly, her friends introduced her to the Mahjong club, and from there, she discovered her special gift for identifying patterns and excelling in the game than expected. Her exclusive performance gets the attention of the club’s president, Hisa Takei, who encourages her to continue doing well. She later teamed with Nodoka Haramura, a talented Mahjong player, and together they won many championships. From this moment, Saki overcame her fears and became one of the best players. This gambling anime show was aired on TV Tokyo in 2009 as a sequel to the original manga series.

General Info About Saki

  • Genre - Game, School
  • Original run - 2009
  • Episodes - 25
  • Rating - PG-13
  • Studio - Gonzo

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Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

If you fancy old but thrilling anime shows, you should check out the Legendary Gambler Tetsuya. It is a popular gambling anime that originally debuted as a series of manga that was broadcasted between 1997 and 2005. The anime show is about a disciple who became better than his master. Tetsuya is a very talented gambler in post-World War II who is a regular Mahjong player in Shinjuku City. The strange thing about Tetsuya is that he prefers cheating to use his natural skills to win. Even more appealing is that the anime evokes hope despite the war that raged the country.

General Info About Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

  • Genre - Game, Historical
  • Original run - 2000-2001
  • Episodes - 20
  • Rating - R-17
  • Studio - Toei Animation

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Akagi: The Genius Who Descended into Darkness

The anime story is about Nongou, an impulsive gambler who finds himself in a desperate situation after playing Mahjong with the Yakuza. He has an accumulated debt of over $27,000, and he must repay it, or his death is inevitable. Just before he made his last move, a rained and soaked boy enters the room and sits next to Nongou. He keenly observes their game and decides to play in his place. The young boy is Akagi, and he later became one of the best Mahjong players in the underworld gambling world.

General Info About Akagi: The Genius Who Descended into Darkness

  • Genre - Game, Psychological
  • Original run - 2005-2006
  • Episodes - 26
  • Rating - R-17
  • Studio - Mad House

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Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler

One of the common characters you will come across in many anime gambling series is Kakegurui. This character was adopted in Netflix’s gambling manga series written by Homura Kawamoto. The scene of the series is set in Hyakaou Private Academy, where students are evaluated based on their gambling skills. The objective of this academy is to create future leaders and professionals in the gambling industry. Moreover, students are expected to use their own money for training, and anyone who fails to rise through the ranks is considered a ‘house pet’. Yumeko Jabami is a new student at the academy, and her goal is not to gain social status but to enjoy the thrill and pleasure of gambling. This is, without a doubt, one of the best gambling anime that should consider.

General Info About Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler

  • Genre - Game, Detective, Drama, School
  • Original run - 2017
  • Episodes - 12
  • Rating - R-17
  • Studio - Mappa

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One Outs

Baseball is a deeply rooted sport in Japanese culture. Many schools in the country compete to produce the best baseball players. One of the iconic players of this game is Toua Tokuchi. He is a professional athlete who is recruited by Saikyou Saitama Lycaons after performing exceptionally in the game of One Outs. However, he is restricted to use his talent to take his school to higher levels since the team owner is only after making a profit. Though gambling seems to be predetermined in this anime, it’s fun and will keep you on edge.

General Info About One Outs

  • Genre - Sport, Psychological
  • Original run - 2008-2009
  • Episodes - 25
  • Rating - PG-13
  • Studio - Mad House

Top Seven Gambling Anime video preview Finished the series yesterday, just had to upload the opening to remind me how awesome it is. Even though I've never seen, or played baseball, this kept me hooked 24/7.


The story of Kaiji Itou was written by the author of Akagi. It involves Kaiji who is tricked by his friends into illegal gambling on a cruise. Though it seems an easy way to repay his coworker’s debt, it turns out to be quite tricky. The unique thing about these games is that they don't have any breaks, which makes it hard for Kaiji to apply his mind games and cheating tricks.

General Info About Kaiji

  • Genre - Game, Psychological, Thriller
  • Original run - 2007-2008
  • Episodes - 26
  • Rating - R-17
  • Studio - Mad House

Top Seven Gambling Anime video preview Primer opening de la serie Kaiji, por Kaiji and the Redbound Cherries


As you can see, there are numerous anime of gambling series you can watch to improve your experience. The list of shows we’ve shared is widely available on many platforms. Even though you cannot win real money from watching these animes, they are fun and a great way to pass the time. Plus, by watching the best anime about gambling, maybe even learn more about this interesting activity!

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