No Deposit Bonus Tips and Tricks

One of the most recent trends among online casinos is no deposit bonuses. This is a great casino bonus type mostly aimed at new players as a way to introduce a gambling site. Usually, the bonus consists of a small sum of free cash or some free spins on slots. No deposit bonuses are a fantastic way to experience casinos and explore their game selections without spending any money.

However, all no deposit offers are not the same. Some are much better than others. Below we will explain the factors that determine if a no deposit bonus is good and how to find the best offers.

Always Do Your Research

This step includes both the bonus offers and the casinos. Above all, you should always read the terms and conditions of the bonus offer you want to pick. A no deposit bonus is only ever as good as its wagering conditions. No matter how much free money or how many free spins it promises, it isn’t worth accepting the bonus if the wagering conditions are too high.

As far as the casino is concerned, checking if it has a licence from a trustworthy authority should be at the top of your list. Further, looking through which games the casino offers is another essential step before deciding on a platform.

Always do your research

Who Can Claim a No Deposit Bonus?

As we have already mentioned, this type of offer is, for the most part, available for new players. The only requirement for claiming it usually is to create an account with the casino in question. However, occasionally this bonus will be available for existing players as well or as an offer to entice dormant players to come back.

What Can a No Deposit Bonus Bring to the Table?

Every online casino that features this bonus comes with different offers and terms. Below, we have summarised a list of the most common variants of no deposit bonuses currently on the market.

  • free-money-bonus

    Free Money Bonus

    One of the most common variants. A sum of money that will be enough to try out the assortment of casino games available.

  • free spins

    Free Spins

    Usually, a small set of free spins potentially with high wagering conditions. As a rule, they are tied to a specific slot or a few selected slots.

  • cashbacks bonus


    Strictly speaking, not exactly a no deposit bonus as this kind only activates after you lose a certain amount of money. You will, however, get some of your money back with this offer.

  • Birthday bonus

    Birthday Bonus or Special Day Bonuses

    Some online casinos also give away no deposit bonuses as gifts on birthdays or other special occasions, such as New Year’s Eve or during events. Be prepared for short time limits on this type. You may have to spend them within a few days.

Understanding Wagering Requirements

One of the conditions you need to pay attention to for no deposit bonuses is cash-out limits. This is the maximum amount you can withdraw while the bonus is still active. Naturally, a high cash-out limit is better. While winning big with a no deposit bonus is challenging, it is still possible. If the cash-out limit is too low and you got a huge win, it is stuck until you have fulfilled all the wagering requirements.

Other Requirements

In addition to wagering requirements and cash-out limits, no deposit bonuses also come with some other terms and requirements. Below you will find some of the most common ones.

  • Time limits

    Time Limits

    Nearly all kinds of bonuses do have a time limit to use. They are stated in the terms and conditions, and it is common for the time limit to be about a week.

  • Eligible slots

    Eligible Slots

    As we previously mentioned, no deposit bonuses will often be reserved for certain slots or other games. Reading the terms and conditions will tell you exactly which games you can play using the bonus.

  • Max bet

    Max Bet

    You must also pay attention to the max bet you can wager using the bonus. If you try to bet over the stated maximum bet, you might lose your bonus.

Should You Use a No Deposit Bonus?

The answer actually depends on your goal when visiting a gambling site. If you have already made up your mind about a casino and intend to become a regular customer, there will likely be other, more advantageous offers to claim.

On the other hand, if you are on the hunt for the best casino that suits your needs, no deposit bonuses will be your best friend as they let you try the platform for free.

See our list below to compare the advantages and drawbacks of this form of bonus.

  • Advantages of No Deposit Bonuses

  • No cash deposit is needed when registering with casinos having this offer
  • Allow you to try out slots or other eligible games, which are great for practising purposes
  • You can hold off spending your money until you are certain the casino suits you
  • Almost always available for new players as a welcome offer
  • Drawbacks of No Deposit Bonuses

  • This kind of bonus could potentially have higher wagering requirements than standard offers
  • Not available at every online casino
  • No deposit bonuses with low cash-out limits in T&Cs could trap your winnings
  • Rarely an offer targeted toward already existing players
  • Maximum bets are usually low, and staking over that amount could cancel the bonus offer


No deposit bonuses may have started as a rare sight, but recently they have become a more frequent offer at online casinos. What makes this bonus so great is that it opens up a gambling site to you in a fun way.

With a no deposit bonus, you can at least try out a particular and often popular slot. Excellent offers of this kind will let you freely choose where to spend the bonus. When trying out a casino, a no deposit bonus is certainly worth it.

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