Gambling Glossary: Online Casino Slang and Terminology

To become an online casino game player, it’s important to be familiar with the gambling terminology glossary. With our online gambling glossary guide, you will be able to talk with the confidence of a veteran player yourself in a little while. We have assembled this gambling glossary to assist you with the most commonly used casino terminologies.

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1. Action

The term refers to the play at the casino or the aggregate sum of cash available to put into play. Additionally, it also means an opponent’s expression informing a player it is his/her chance to act.

2. Aggregate limit

The aggregate sum of money a casino is obligated to payout in a single round. Once the aggregate limit is exceeded, players might need to acknowledge diminished rewards.

3. Banker

The individual betting against every one of the players at the table. The banker regularly needs to rotate each turn or each and every other turn.

4. Bankroll

This refers to the sum of money accessible to the players for taking part in casino exercises.

5. Bingo

A game where the player coordinates numbers on a card with the numbers a host draws indiscriminately.

6. Bones

Exemplary expression for a dice.

7. Bonuses

The term refers to offers that online casinos give to new and existing players. Bonuses encourage new players to join the gambling club. However, these bonuses are given based on special terms and conditions.

8. Bonus hunting

This explains how new players exploit the bonus online casino offers, so they can build a major bankroll very quickly, with an insignificant play before being rewarded in cash.

9. Cash reward

Refers to free cash given to new players for depositing their money at an online casino for the first time. However, the amount of money given depends on the casino’s terms and conditions.

10. Cashback

A discount that is occasionally credited to a player's record, in view of the level of their losses.

11. Chat room

The chat room allows players to send messages continuously. It is a private room displayed on a screen.

12. Chips

Chips are round, shaded plates used to replace the money. They can be bought in different sections and utilised as cash to bet at the gambling casino tables.

13. Colour up

It’s a point when the players demand that more modest worth chips be traded for bigger worth ones

14. Commission

A charge that the casino removes from all rewards paid by the bank. The casino uses this commission, so they can also benefit from the game.

15. Comp points

Comp point is another name for reward point. These points are added to a player’s account as a reward for being loyal to the casino. However, the casino allows the players to trade these points for prizes or money.

16. Credit

Most times, the bets are expressed in credits in online casinos. According to the casino terms and conditions, one credit is normally equivalent to the player’s native currency.

17. Credit button

A button on the slot machine that allows you to cash out your remaining credits.

18. Dealer

A dealer is somebody delegated at a betting table to aid the lead of the game, particularly in the circulation of bets and payouts. Dealers are normally employed by the casinos.

19. Deposit

An instalment a player makes to his/her online casino account, so he/she can play and earn some money.

20. Drop percentage

A fraction of a player's money that the casino wins due to the house edge.

21. eCOGRA

Represents e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA). This platform is responsible for auditing the working guidelines of all casinos and reviewing them to ensure their operating standards are reasonable for players.

22. Encryption.

Encryption is a secure way of safeguarding casino software and online transactions; this involves the use of codes that are very difficult to decipher. A computer programmer is always in charge of this.

23. Eye-in-the-sky

Eye-in-the-sky watches all actions in the casino. A camera that keeps an eye on every activity in the casino.

24. Flash

A web-based programming innovation (Macromedia Streak) that doesn't need download, it works based on Adobe Flash plugin.

25. High roller

A player who plays at high stakes and puts down huge wagers.

26. House

The casino, where the gambling activities occur.

27. House edge

The house edge is in each type of commercial gambling and implies that the more you play over the long run, the more the casino wins.

28. Junket

Junket implies a visit to a casino by at least one person who gets free administrations, for example, transport, food, and housing as an actuation to gamble at the casino, organized by a third party.

29. Kent

A lottery-style game where players put down wagers on numbers from 1 – 80. Mostly common in Canada.

30. Live Vendor Games

These games are played online and controlled by real dealers. The players can speak to the dealers via a live chat, and also see the dealers and games using their devices.

31. No-Deposit bonuses

Free cash that doesn't need a first payment from the player. The players can use these bonuses without any restriction.

32. Online casino

An internet-based platform that enables players to gamble without meeting physically. The internet-based casino can be online or download-based.

33. Playthrough requirement

The playthrough requirement is the specified number of times you need to bet your reward before you can make a withdrawal. By and large, the playthrough applies to your store and reward added together, in addition to the extra assets.

34. Rail

The term explains how players observe the game in the casino without playing.

35. Shill

Shill refers to established players who are getting compensated to play while pretending to not be partakers of the gaming activities.

36. Slot machine

A machine with at least three reels that turn when a button is pushed. It contains random number generators that can generate thousands of numbers per second.

37. Sticky bonus

A unique sort of reward that can't be cashed out. It's utilized by the casino to pad players' bankrolls, with the goal that they can play more or at higher stakes.

38. The cage

This is where the casino keeps its cash.

39. Toke

Toke is a tip that is given to somebody, can be either a dealer or a floor person during a live game.

40. Virtual club games

Online casino games operated on a computer and dictated by Arbitrary Number Generators.

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