7 Great Facts About Gambling

Gambling in the UK is one of the most popular pastimes as more than 25 million brits are playing, of which 10,5 million gamble online. As almost half of Britons, that is 45%, gamble each month, it is worth sharing some interesting facts about gambling in the UK.

As gambling takes a turn from physical to online casinos, it is estimated that the online gambling market will expand with an annual growth rate of 11,5% from its current market share of 14,3 billion pounds. Thus it is vital to learn some interesting facts on online gambling to be on top of the game of this large market.

The Rise of the Online Gambling Market

The Rise of the Online Gambling MarketOnline gambling in the United Kingdom started in 1994 when the first online casino was opened, offering a few simple games and a basic user interface. The number of online casinos steadily rose over the years. However, the real boom started in 2005 when the Gambling Act was created, making online gambling completely legal and allowing online casinos to advertise. This led to the online casino market value expanding to more than 8,36 billion pounds in 2008.

With the rise of the smartphone era, internet gambling has become more and more accessible, thus increasing the market value of online gambling ever since. Important gambling facts UK players should know include the fact that UK Gambling Commission monitors and licenses online casinos, making sure that they are safe and fair to the players.

How Much Do Britons Spend on Gambling?

How Much Do Britons Spend on GamblingAccording to the UK Gambling Commission, the average weekly amount spent on gambling is approximately 2,6 pounds per week, meaning that the average Briton spends 135,20 pounds on gambling each year. Here are some additional gambling facts and statistics you might not know:

  • The national lottery is the most popular type of gambling in Great Britain as approximately 30% of brits take part in it
  • Approximately 20% of brits gamble at least twice per week
  • Those aged between 25 and 34 are the most likely to gamble
  • Due to online casino popularity, land-based casinos have experienced a steady decrease in the past decade

The Biggest Win In The UK

The Biggest Win In The UKSince the increase in popularity of online casinos, the wins and jackpots online have increased too. Hence knowing some facts about gambling wins is a must. For instance, the biggest jackpot from online slots belongs to John Heywood from Cheshire. In October of 2015, he won a mind-blowing jackpot of 13,2 million pounds at Microgaming's Mega Moolah progressive slot. The British soldier got the prize after betting only a 25p bet, and he could not believe his luck. This massive jackpot has also made it to the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Most Popular Online Casino Game In The UK

The Most Popular Online Casino Game In The UKAs the largest jackpots in UK history come from slots, it is just obvious that slots are the most popular online casino game in Great Britain, gaining popularity ever since the start of the online casino era, so here are some gambling facts about slots.

Compared to land-based casinos, online casinos provide better ranges of games with a return to players percentage of 97%. The largest progressive online slots include Microgaming's Mega Moolah and The Dark Knight, Playtech's Marvel Mystery Multi-Level Progressive Jackpot. As for gambling facts and stats, it is worth mentioning that Mega Moolah has turned 26 players into instant millionaires.

So why exactly slots, one might ask? The answer is simple. Slots are easy to play as no strategy is needed. They are very simple to understand. They are entertaining to look at, especially as today's online slots provide 3D graphics and other exciting additions such as progressive jackpots and stirring bonuses.

Who Created The First Online Casino?

Who Created The First Online CasinoDating back to the 90s, online gambling has many firsts to be shared along with its evolution, so here are some online gambling facts younger players might not know.

  • The first online gambling software was created by Microgaming in 1994, and it was called Gaming Club Online Casino
  • The first online real money casino was available to players in 1996 by InterCasino
  • Intertops introduced the first-ever online sportsbook
  • Microgaming's CashSplash was the world's first online progressive jackpot
  • Playtech introduced the first live dealer games

Cryptocurrency in Online Gambling

Cryptocurrency in Online GamblingUsage of cryptocurrencies in online casinos has recently gained more popularity as it has become more convenient. The usage of digital currencies as payment is neither officially allowed nor restricted. To make it more accessible to the players, some casinos have integrated currency exchange in the casino. Most cryptocurrencies have gained their trust due to their security, speed, and privacy as the players can stay anonymous in their transactions, adding to that it is a cost-efficient solution, having no additional fees to be paid.

Latest Technologies Shaping the Online Gambling

Latest Technologies Shaping the Online GamblingCryptocurrencies are not the only technology that's currently shaping online gambling. Several other high-tech solutions have come into online casinos, such as virtual reality, as more online casinos are offering VR-compatible games to provide the most immersive gambling experience.

In addition, artificial intelligence is already being used to learn from the behaviour of players. Whilst VR and AI are used in the online casino's experience already, the next step will be the usage of augmented reality to provide a revolutionary experience for the users blending reality with virtual solutions.

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