7 Crazy Ways People Have Tried to Cheat Casinos

There is no doubt that gambling is a booming business globally. Numerous online casino sites are launched regularly to meet the increasing need for gambling services. While this business is generating billions of revenue annually, we cannot deny that you can encounter some cheaters too.

It is estimated that casinos are losing millions through cheating and scams. Of course, the penalty for cheating in casinos is enormous and may even include many years behind bars. Though casinos are investing in high-tech security measures to curb cheating, players are constantly developing new techniques to cheat online casinos.

And here you’ll discover some of the craziest ways scammers use to cheat online casinos.

How people have tried to cheat casinos

Relaying Information to Other Players

It is a common practice to find a team of cheaters in online and land-based casinos. The team of scammers contains one player who monitors the dealer’s cards and shares the information to others via wireless gadgets. Information transmitters come in different forms, such as rings, watches, cigarette packets, and others.

How people cheat casinos

Replacing Cards with Better Ones

Card switching is another old-time cheating method in the casino industry. Over the years, many players have been caught with card-replacing devices. They use this technology to hide cards up their sleeves and only release them when needed. Today, casino operators have set strict measures, plus they incorporate modern technology to ensure that this practice does not succeed. Keeping track of all dealt cards is one of the best ways to stop players from replacing cards with better ones.

Ways to cheat casinos

Card Counting

Some say that card counting is not cheating per se since it’s a skill one can learn. However, it is completely illegal in some states and forbidden to use in any casino. Players who count cards in blackjack are considered advantage players, and they stand a better chance of winning than common cheaters. These players use their minds to keep track of value cards that are dealt and the ones remaining in the deck. This way, they can know when to take advantage and win.

Crazy ways to cheat casinos

Counterfeit Chips

Many people have been caught red-handed with counterfeit chips in casinos. They create identical with different values and cash them for real money. This technique is used by expert scammers since it involves the use of sophisticated technology to reproduce betting chips. However, using this cheating method is getting more and more complicated due to advanced technology. Most operators employ RFID tracking devices to help them to determine counterfeit chips. They install RFID chips in cards that are most likely to be counterfeited. These cards must be scanned before they are cashed out.

How people cheat casinos in crazy ways

Use of Magnets

Magnets have been used to cheat in slot machines for many years. However, it is not possible to cheat online slots using magnets. These games use computerized Random Number Generator (RNG) software, and they are not magnetic. Magnets can only be used to cheat in traditional land-based slot machines.

7 ways people have tried to cheat casinos

Computer Chip Replacement

One of the famous cheaters, Dennis Nikrasch, found out that cheating in slots could be done through computer chip replacement. He decided to purchase a slot machine and replace chips so that it could reward jackpot prizes instantly. Then Nikrasch went ahead and bought slot chips in bulk and hired scammers to install them in casinos. This technique earned him millions of money, and many casinos were affected.

Crazy ways to cheat casino

Software Glitch

Another common way scammers use to cheat online casinos is by manipulating software glitches. Some people know they can trick slot machines to payout jackpots by playing in a certain pattern. However, casinos are curbing this problem by denying paying massive jackpot wins (which is also regarded as a way for online casinos cheat). For instance, a casino in Illinois refused to pay a 90-year old grandma after winning 41 million jackpots on the Miss Kitty slot machine. Software glitch is not only in online slot machines, but they can also be in any casino games, including blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat.

Crazy ways to cheat casinos

False Shuffle

Most casino cheats always involve players and dealers to be successful. Players must collude with dealers to launch false shuffles where they hide others. This gives scammers the upper hand in beating the casino. This method was used by the Tran Organization to destabilize many casinos in the United States. However, the organization was brought down, and more than 40 people were arrested over the same.


The online casino industry is a billion-dollar worth industry, so naturally, people will look for ways to play dirty. The methods on how to cheat a casino we've shared have been used in the past years to steal lots of money from casinos. Thanks to technology, casino operators are constantly working on new measures to prevent any forms of cheating. This is aimed at making the gambling industry reliable and safe for all.

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